The cast of the 2013 production of Regular Singing, written and directed by Richard Nelson, the final play of The Apple Family Plays at The Public Theater. Photo credit: Joan Marcus.

What Do We Need To Talk About?
Wednesday, April 29 at The Public Theater on YouTube, 7:30 pm: FREE

We’re used to movies having sequels for years on end, but when it comes to live performance, this practice is much rarer. It’s far from nonexistent, though—just ask Richard Nelson. The playwright’s epic Apple Family saga (formally known as the Rhinebeck Panorama) has stretched for a literal decade, and has always been performed at The Public Theater. Obviously things are different now, but the story continues nonetheless. Nelson wrote this latest play very recently while quarantined in Rhinebeck, and of course, it takes place over Zoom instead of over the dinner table. And if you’re new to this tale, Nelson’s previous Rhinebeck plays are available to stream for free, so you can get all caught up.


(image via The Kitchen / Facebook)

Kitchen Broadcast: Adam Tendler
Thursday, April 30 at The Kitchen on Twitch, 6 pm: FREE

Recently, streaming site Twitch has gone from a place mostly populated by gamers to a hub for all sorts of virtual goings-on. Storied Manhattan performance space The Kitchen is one of the venues jumping on board as of late; their new Kitchen Broadcast series showcases artists and performers working in a range of intriguing mediums twice a week. This Thursday, they welcome a set from pianist Adam Tendler, who will be playing works from Tom Johnson, Elodie Lauten, and Philip Glass. Tendler once played shows in all 50 states (and penned a memoir about it), and in a way, performing on a livestream anyone can access feels like a creative extension of that spirit.


(image via House of Yes / Eventbrite)

Hot Mess Digital Drag Show
Friday, May 1 at @houseofyesnyc Instagram Live, 10 pm: FREE

Virtual performances have the potential to be a hot mess. There’s bad internet connections, delays, lags, audio issues, you name it. But they can also be the best kind of hot mess, offering an intimate, stripped-down, and DIY take on performances that might usually be more polished. The glitzy House of Yes has moved much of their programming online, including their recurring Hot Mess drag show, showcasing anyone from classic queens to “gender jesters.” Hosted by Madame Vivien V, the show’s Instagram Live iteration promises to have the same wild, glittery, queer spirit as its in-person iteration. This time, the show’s theme is “cartoon cosplay,” so prepare yourself for some seriously creative looks.


(image via The Tiny Cupboard / Eventbrite)

Improvised Tarot Readings
Saturday, May 2 on Zoom, 8 pm: FREE

This new wave of virtual shows has brought on a new set of rules that respectful audience members should follow. Mute yourself, be tactful in the chat, and obviously don’t Zoom bomb. This type of etiquette is still evolving, and it shifts with each show. Brittany Brave and The Tiny Cupboard’s Improvised Tarot Readings is one show doing things a little differently. Instead of staying silent, invisible, virtual audience members, the attendees are as much a part of the show as the comedians are. In this show, the comedians serve as tarot readers and the audience is the people searching for guidance, which does mean explaining your problems for everyone to hear. As you may expect, things are going to be a bit different than a traditional tarot reading. At the very least, there’ll be more “yes and.”