HNRY FLWR was breaking onto the Brooklyn scene just before the coronavirus pandemic shut the city down. Now the band, fronted by singer-songwriter David Van Witt, is keeping the music alive with a new video, “Waiting Room.”

With heartfelt lyrics about feeling the love while facing mortality, the song could be considered an anthem for our present alone togetherness. Van Witt wrote the lyrics while waiting for a friend/bandmate in the waiting room of a New York City pediatric cancer clinic. “Between the battle for his life and an intense breakup I just had, I was feeling terrible,” he says in a press release. “As I was waiting, a volunteer clown came in and started making all the kids laugh. It completely shook me — seeing these sick children finding joy helped me find my own joy amid the darkness. Breakups and cancer are not contagious, but love is.” Touched by the moment, Van Witt wrote the song right there on the spot.

HNRY FLWR’s David Van Witt talking with video director Kevin Van Witt during the shoot for “Waiting Room”. (HNRY FLWR Instagram)

The video was filmed in Fleishmanns, New York, in a vacant firehouse that evokes purgatory as well as our current state of confinement. “It’s an amazing space that we have dreamt of using for shoots and showcases,” said Jocelyn Simone, co-founder of We Color Live, which produced the video. “But the day we shot, it was 27 degrees and we had to borrow a massive propane heater from friends who run an auction house nearby. Without it, we would have froze!”

HNRY FLWR after his Color Me BOO-shwick Halloween concert at The Broadway, 10/31/19. (Photo: Nick McManus)

The shoot exemplifies the DIY spirit we’ve come to expect from We Color Live, the stylish producers of the Color Me Bushwick music fest. After launching their management arm with HNRY FLWR, they hosted a show for him at the Sultan Room in Bushwick.

HNRY FLWR performing at The Sultan Room in Bushwick, 1/29/20. (Photo: Kevin W. Condon)

Now they’re following up the video release with a weekly live stream, TEMPLE OF THE VO1D, hosted by the band. Simone tells us, “We chat, make friends, listen to live music performances by the band, sink into the void and let off some steam. There’s also an audience requested cover song every week and we’re excited to see where the show can go in the future.”

HNRY FLWR’s David Van Witt with We Color Live co-founder Jocelyn Simone. (Photo: Hailey Howard)

TEMPLE OF THE VO1D will live stream every Sunday at 8pm in addition to upcoming online performances for Kin Euphorics on May 6th at 4pm and Baby’s Alright’s “Baby’s TV” on May 16th at 8pm.