(Photo courtesy of The Rosemont)

It seemed, for a moment, that this week’s Disney on Broadway concert would not go on. A compensation dispute threatened the fundraiser for struggling entertainment workers, but after a public detente between the musicians union and Disney, the concert will be broadcast Friday night after all. With performers and entertainment workers facing unprecedented financial strain in the face of our city’s shuttering, it’s no surprise that all involved parties were moved to bury the hatchet. 

Meanwhile, many of the artists and venues that comprise our downtown and Brooklyn performance scenes have taken fundraising matters into their own hands. In an effort to pump lifeblood back into a threatened industry—to keep performers and venue workers afloat—live-stream shows have exploded, all across Facebook and Instagram. Some of these are ticketed, with prices generally hovering around what they’d be for a live bar show. Others remain free to enter and link out to artists’ Venmos and Cash Apps, a strong nudge toward virtual tipping (if you’re able, you should do this). GoFundMe campaigns have proliferated, too, as another kind of digital lifeline for favored haunts. Longtime staples and new neighborhood additions alike are asking for our help.

With the Broadway fundraiser set to mount online tomorrow evening, we thought we’d take a look at some of the other ways to give financial support to the venues, musicians, comedians, actors, and nightlife performers that make performance in our city what it was (and is, and will be again). We’ve rounded up a few of the very many options below. 

Ticketed or donation-encouraged live-streams:

GoFundMe campaigns for your favorite venues: 

  1. Arlene’s Grocery 
  2. Barbés 
  3. Blue Note
  4. bOb Bar
  5. Bowery Ballroom/Mercury Lounge 
  6. Bowery Electric
  7. Chelsea Music Hall
  8. Club Cumming (whose fundraising efforts include an eBay auction of Alan Cumming’s actual Nightcrawler teeth
  9. Easy Lover Bk
  10. Elsewhere
  11. House of Yes
  12. Knitting Factory 
  13. Le Poisson Rouge
  14. Littlefield/Parklife 
  15. Macri Park
  16. Metropolitan
  17. Otto’s Shrunken Head 
  18. Pangea
  19. Parkside Lounge 
  20. Pete’s Candy Store 
  21. Pine Box Rock Shop
  22. The Bell House/Union Hall 
  23. The Kingsland
  24. The Rosemont 
  25. The Woods
  26. Trans-Pecos
  27. Union Pool

Did we forget anyone? Give them a shoutout in the comments.