(image courtesy of Doll Body)

High Concepts
Wednesday, March 25 on @highconcepts Instagram Live, 9 pm: FREE (suggested donation)

People who regularly go to bars are surely having a hard time lately, but stoners might be doing a little bit better. They probably already spend a lot of time chilling out in their rooms. But for performers Doll Body and Vylette Tendency, it’s a bit different. They host a monthly “cannabis cabaret” at a DIY venue, featuring drag, burlesque, and other surprises, and things usually get hazy in a good way. While that’s on pause, they’re taking to Instagram Live for this month’s show, which celebrates producer Vylette’s birthday. Pray your internet connection will stay stable, and prepare for shows from Deity Delgado, Professor Lionel Longlegs, Bad News Bear, Foxy Belle Afriq, and your hosts. Ingest whatever you like while you watch, and don’t forget to tip.


(image via Brooklyn Comedy Collective)

Drag Me To Hell with Zach and Jay
Thursday, March 26 on TVCO App, 9 pm: FREE (suggested donation)

While most shows are attempting to go virtual on Instagram Live or YouTube, the Brooklyn Comedy Collective is taking a slightly different route. They’ve teamed up with the streaming app TVCO, and will be presenting shows nightly. Better yet, the show’s producers get a stipend, and the shows are free (of course, tips are appreciated). On Thursday, Zach Zimmerman and Jay Jurden will be streaming their show Drag Me To Hell, a queer, pop culture-filled comedic wonderland where nothing is safe from dragging. To add some variety to the mix, there will also be drag performances, because the word “drag” means multitudes.


(image via Caveat)

Internet Explorers: The Gig Economy
Friday, March 27 on Caveat on YouTube, 7 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

We spoke with comedian (and experienced streamer) Mark Vigeant last week about his experience pivoting entirely to livestream, which includes starting up a new show and converting his monthly show Internet Explorers to the digital realm, with the help of Caveat’s YouTube channel. You can see that very show in-person (well, as in-person as you can get) this Friday, when Vigeant and his cohorts delve into the complicated mess that is the gig economy. As Vigeant told me, this month’s edition was always supposed to explore that topic, but now it feels more pressing than ever. As usual, it will be a comedic exploration of the many ways the online world manifests today, but a panel of journalists and actual gig economy workers will also definitely be getting real about how COVID-19 has impacted their lives.


(poster by @they.agenda)

Honey, I’m Homo
Saturday, March 28 on @theydy.bedbug Instagram Live, 9 pm: FREE (donation suggested) 

Nowadays, we are all home, and we should be. Some performers are leaning into this, emphasizing the intimate and unconventional notion of turning your bedroom or living room into a stage for all to see. Performers Theydy Bedbug, Mx Rara Darling, and Zenobia are the latest to do so with Honey I’m Homo, an evening of queer performance “from our homes to yours.” Like many other shows, it’ll be on Instagram Live, so those with less-than-stellar internet service should start praying now. In addition to the trio of hosts, there will also be acts by horror-loving Shanita Bump and the glamorous Mary Con, as well as music by Harlow. Some people in the show are currently in the same household, which should make the setup go more smoothly than a show that has to toggle between different video feeds constantly. Here’s hoping! (Can you tell my internet is bad?)