(image via Darian Lusk / Facebook)

Piano Boy
Thursday, February 27 at Vital Joint, 8 pm: $5

Billy Joel made a name for himself by being a Piano Man, or at least singing about one. But that was in the past. Now, it’s the era of the Piano Boy. Or at least it will be on Thursday night when musical comedian Darian Lusk performs his hourlong one-man show of the same name. In it, Lusk will take to the piano (or at least a little Casio keyboard) to perform an array of songs he’s penned over the past year, delving into topics from Judaism to group chats. He’ll be joined by opener Mary Houlihan.


(image via Theater for the New City / Facebook)

Le Grand Voyage
Now through March 1 at Theater for the New City, 7 pm (2/29 also at 2 pm): $20

Clowns can get a bad rap. They play the villains in horror films, scare people in haunted houses, and make children’s birthday parties a little weird sometimes. But of course, clowns aren’t just phobias and red noses. They contain multitudes, as anyone who has been to theater school probably knows, and you can get a taste of exactly what that means at Le Grand Voyage, an “experimental theatrical clown fable” by Alex Ryaboy and longtime clown Aelita West. The show uses clowning to spin a tale of a family encountering something new and different, which is pretty much what will happen to the audience if they’ve never seen this kind of clowning before.


(image via Caveat / Facebook)

Rape Victims Are Horny Too
Saturday, February 29 at Caveat, 7 pm: $12 advance, $15 doors.

The title of this show may shock you, but it also speaks the truth. Comedians Dylan Adler and Kelly Bachman are both survivors of sexual assault, and want you to know that depicting victims as dramatic, tearful sob stories isn’t the only way. Though this is undeniably a serious subject, it’s also undeniable that people who have experienced this type of trauma must keep on living their lives. And yes, that includes making jokes and being horny. Let this duo harness the power of musical comedy to take you on a raucous-yet-poignant journey of trauma, titillation, and laughing through it all.


(image via Eventbrite)

Desks / DILFTown
Sunday, March 1 at Brooklyn Comedy Collective, 8:30 pm: $10

This Sunday, celebrate the start of March and the end of the confusing month that is February with a comedic double feature courtesy of the Brooklyn Comedy Collective. Yes, that’s two shows in one night, but they’re only half an hour each, so you don’t have to worry about languishing in your seat for an eternity. First up is Desks, an absurdist musing on workplace culture centered around two cluttered desks (sure to be familiar whether you work in an office or at home, I know that desk’s not tidy!). Following that, the audience gets taken to DILFTown, a parody of Hallmark Channel movies where the mayor of a “boomer fantasyland” meets a DILF who, of course, changes everything.