(image via Cry Baby / Facebook)

Cry Baby
Friday, February 7 at Secret Location, 9:30 pm: FREE

It’s supposed to rain quite a bit today, which is kind of like the sky is crying. That’s fitting, as today is the return of the Cry Baby comedy show, serving up a night of lively stand-up followed by a party in a secret, DIY location in Bushwick. Hosted by comedic dynamic duo Abe and Dekunle, tonight’s show features Nore Davis, Sonia Denis, Eman El-Husseini, Lucas Connolly, Shelley Kim, and Jeff Wiles. Perhaps you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.


Up the Sluts
Saturday, February 8 at The Footlight, 12 pm: $10 suggested donation

Many shows are in the evening. Some are at the more modest hours of 7 or 8 pm, but some—particularly drag shows—don’t kick off til midnight or even later. While these late-night endeavors are useful for some people, they’re less accessible for others. For something different (and earlier), there’s Up the Sluts, a queer daytime affair at The Footlight in Ridgewood featuring a market with local vendors selling all sorts of sexy stuff, drag shows, tarot readings, Naloxone training sessions, and a spanking booth. What more could you want?

(image via Brooklyn Comedy Collective / Facebook)


I’d Like To Thank The Academy
Sunday, February 8 at Brooklyn Comedy Collective8 pm: $10

What is there to say about the Oscars? They happen every year, there’s always a lot of disappointed hubbub about the nominations and results, and they technically share a name with a certain Grouch. If you’re looking to do something a little more interesting than sit at home on your couch staring at a livestream of the awards show that won’t stop buffering, trot on over to the Brooklyn Comedy Collective at Williamsburg’s Cantina Royal, where a bunch of funny oddballs will be treating you to an interactive Oscars delight. In addition to the actual awards show screening, there’ll also be a drinking game, celebrity impressions, a panel, performances during commercial breaks, and more.