(image courtesy of The Public Theater)

Under the Radar Festival
Now through January 19 at The Public Theater, various times, $25+.

What do Laurie Anderson, prize-winning playwright Aleshea Harris, and multiple stories about the moon have in common? They’re all part of The Public Theater’s 16th annual Under the Radar Festival, the long-running celebration of innovative performance work from around the world and one of the biggest signifiers that January’s theater festival season is upon us once again. This year, they’re presenting 12 theater pieces, four concerts, six works-in-progress, and several parties. Highlights include Selina Thompson’s pice inspired by a trip retracing a Transatlantic Slave Triangle route, Back to Back Theater’s exploration of disability and an AI-dominated future, and the aforementioned moon tales: one of virtual reality by Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huan, one of desire on the West Bank by Palestine’s Remote Theater Project.

Saints of an Unnamed Country’s “Police in the Wilderness” (photo: Walter Wlodarczyk)

The Exponential Festival
Now through February 3 at various locations, various times, various prices.

While most theater festivals this time of year offer at least some unconventional material, Title:Point’s Exponential Festival is where things get truly weird. It’s also one of the longer-running festivals, stretching all the way into the first week of February and occupying locations both traditional and not, including a meadery and a “well-known big box store in Brooklyn.” A long festival means a lot of shows contained within it—a glance at the roster can easily overwhelm. Whatever you choose, know that it will be experimental, political, philosophical, nonsensical, visual, humorous, or probably just an intriguing mix of all that.


(image via Charlie Bardey / Facebook)

Stacy: She’s Confronting a Zoning Issue
Thursday, January 9 at Rebecca’s Bar, 8 pm: FREE

Comedy show Stacy has been around the block for a while now, specifically the block where Jefferson Street and Bushwick Avenue intersects and the bar Rebecca’s is situated. Hosts Marissa Goldman, Charlie Bardey, Caroline Doyle, and the mysterious omnipresent Stacy have been doing their thing for quite some time, but don’t let that make you think they have any intention of stopping. Their latest, loosely centered around the failed dream of “opening up a trampoline world for theater kids,” features Mary Houlihan, Zubi Ahmed, Michelle Davis, Kyle Gordon, and Corie Johnson.


(image via Brooklyn Comedy Collective)

Angry Gay Relative
Sunday, January 12 at Brooklyn Comedy Collective at Cantina Royale, 7 pm: $10

Though the holidays are finally over, their memories stay with us. One part of that is the role that everyone plays at the get-together, one that you may have outgrown but regress to once you all sit down for dinner. One such role, at least according to hosts Jesse Arnholz and Dre Knight, is the Angry Gay Relative, who might be found “screaming about trans rights over Holiday Ham.” The queer comedians they’ve booked—Walter Kelly, Solange Azor, Manning Jordan, and Andrés Govea—will do their best with their own interpretation of the role.