(image courtesy of Object Collection)

You Are Under Our Space Control
Now through February 2 at La MaMa, 8 pm (some shows at 5 pm): $25 ($20 students/seniors)

These days, sci-fi tales feel closer and closer to reality, and performance group Object Collection knows this well. Their latest music-laden offering at La MaMa, You Are Under Our Space Control, draws from a mixed bag of scientific fact and outer space lore that includes Afrofuturist Sun Ra, campy sci-fi director Cy Roth, and experimental composer John Cage, whose unconventional tactics sometimes included star charts. The group uses video, eccentric props, soundscapes, and text to spin a tale of a depleted Earth and the hopes of a socialist future in space, which is starting to sound more familiar by the day.

(image via Venatrix / Instagram)

Venashitshow: Old Town Road
Friday, January 31 at The Footlight, 8:30 pm: $10 suggested donation

Almost as soon as it was released, Lil Nas X’s song “Old Town Road” was everywhere. It blared out of car windows and at parties, it was the subject of many a think piece on viral pop music and the intersection of hip-hop and country, and it recently won a Grammy. That’s just the original version—there have been countless remixes of the hit, and if you’re not aware of that, you will be when burlesque performer Venatrix hosts her latest Venashitshow, a madcap variety show that takes at least partial inspiration from memes and shitposting. This time, she’ll be wrangling over 10 members of the drag and burlesque community, and each one of them will perform to a different “Old Town Road” remix. Don’t forget your horses! Oh, and all the money raised will be donated to help the fires in Australia, so it counts as a good deed.


(image via Good For You / Facebook)

7 Year Good For You Celebration
Saturday, February 1 at Cantina Royal, 9 pm: FREE

Yes, this free comedy show’s name is Good For You, but that sentiment can be easily applied to the show itself this Saturday, because they’re celebrating a whopping seven years of existence. Between venue closures, rising rents, performer flakiness, the logistics of producing, and regular old existential dread, it can be hard to do a show for that long. (I did a show for five years and stopped, so I can’t imagine doing one for seven.) Show your support by attending their big anniversary bash, featuring sets by Anthony Devito, Casey James Salengo, Courtney Maginnis, Jay Jurden, host Ian Hunt, and more.


(image via Jill Sermonte / Facebook)

Listening Time
Sunday, February 2 at Secret Bushwick Location, 4 pm: FREE

Watching the Super Bowl can be thought of as watching time, yelling at the screen time, and snack time. But before you get to all that, it’s Listening Time. No, this isn’t a harrowing flashback to middle school, but rather a cozy, DIY, BYOB comedy show taking place on a Sunday afternoon in Bushwick. Hosted by Dash Turner, the event has sets by three prolific performers: Jill Sermonte, Nadia Pinder, and Brooke Eliot, all of whom you have probably seen at least once if you’ve been around the weirder corners of the Brooklyn comedy scene. Plus, everyone who attends gets a free mug, as in the kind you drink from. That may sound like a joke, but you best believe it’s not.