The conclusion of Bubbles & Bass’s Seize the Day party at House of Yes in Bushwick, 1/1/20 at 5:30pm.

From the far reaches of Red Hook to downtown Manhattan and back again to Bushwick’s warehouses, our New Year’s was a 36-hour race against time from one rager to the next. Follow along as we hit 20 parties across three boroughs.

6pm at Skinny Dennis, Williamsburg: Bartender Brittany Shea (far left) with her pre-game patrons.

8pm in Greenpoint: Brooklyn Wildlife’s Chris Carr with Gamba Forest’s Melissa Hunter Gurney (right pic) alongside the guests of their private pre-party.

9:30pm at Bootleg Bar, Bushwick: Boscomujo (lower left pic, bottom right) with the attendees for their NYE concert featuring Revenge Bodie (lower right) and bartender Adam Depalma (upper right).

10:30pm in Prospect Heights: Austin Poplin with his fiancee Rowan Moody with friends during their house party.

12am at Sunny’s Bar, Red Hook: The Colin Brown Band (lower right) and bar manager Lily (upper right, left) with patrons during their midnight toast.

1am at CSTM HAUS, Meatpacking District: DJ Rich Green (left) alongside the guests of his NYE party.

1:30am at Secret Loft, Union Square: Co-owners Lily Wolfson (lower left, in crowd) and (top, from right) Alex Neuhausen with DJ’s J. Richards and Kate Garvey.

2:30am at 99 Scott Studios, Bushwick: Guests of the Golden Era NYE 2020 party alongside a stilted performer.

4am at T.V. Eye, Ridgewood: NY Night Train host Jonathan Toubin (top left pic, left) with his guests and performers.

5am at Knockdown Center, Maspeth: DJ Geo Vanasco (lower right pic, top left) with friends and fans at the Bang On! Time+Space NYE.

5:30am at Trans Pecos, Ridgewood: High Sugar Content founders Alice D-Mt and Chris Cherry (center) with DJ Cole Evelev (right) and artist Gabriel Specter (left) at HSC’s NYE party.

6am at The Keep, Ridgewood: Pixelated’s (from left) Tee Lerone, LV RSL and Chia Minaya alongside their guests.

8am at Good Room, Greenpoint: The Carry Nation’s Nita Aviance and Will Automagic (right pic, left and right) alongside their fans.

10am at The Hard Swallow, East Village: Morning revelers, including the staff of nearby bar St. Dymphnas (lower left) in the East Village, 1/1/20  at 10am.

11am at International Bar: The bar’s staff (right) alongside their early patrons.

12pm at Eris Evolution, Williamsburg: DJ Penny Lane with DISorient host T.J. McAu (right pic, left and center) during T.J’s DISCO BALL: Topographic Disorientation party.

1pm in Bushwick: A New Dawn party host Lindsay Arden (right) alongside DJ Dreeemy and her guests (center).

5:30pm at House of Yes, Bushwick: Artists Warbo (center pic, right) and Rawb Lane (right pic) relaxing in the backyard during Bubbles and Bass’ Seize the Day party.

6pm at St. Mary’s Church, Bushwick: Musicians (left pic, from left) Alex Fortes, Ben Russell, Ayane Kozasa and Paul Wianko alongside Fr. Raphael Zwolenkiewicz and the staff of Lot Radio after their New Years Day concert.

12am at Avant Gardner, Bushwick: DJs Dixon and Ame’s Kristian Beyer (top center pic, left and right) alongside friends and fans during their headlining performance for Cityfox’s Odyssey NYE & NYD party.

Photos by Nick McManus.