(photo: Hanneke Wetzer)

Where Are We Now
Now through December 21 at La MaMa, 8:30 pm: $26 ($21 students/seniors)

Even though he’s not physically with us anymore, the spirit of David Bowie lives on through the musician’s storied legacy and acclaimed, sparkling body of work. All over, people are having Bowie-centric dance parties, Bowie-themed burlesque shows, and other tributes within the realm of nightlife. The latest of these you can catch is in the form of Dutch-German cabaret performer Sven Ratzke’s Where Are We Now, an intimate evening of storytelling and Bowie’s music, arranged simply for piano and voice. Ratzke has received international acclaim for his performances over the years, with particular attention given to his ability to seemingly transform into the Starman himself.


(image via Brooklyn Comedy Collective / Facebook)

The Country Christmas Spectacular
Friday, December 20 at Brooklyn Comedy Collective, 7:30 pm: $10

The holiday season is largely defined by a certain type of music. If you had to describe it using one genre, “country” probably wouldn’t be the first thing you’d think of, but that’s because you’re not Jill Sermonte and Allison O’Conor. The comedic duo, who are from Texas and Ohio respectively, think Christmas and country go hand in hand, and want to show you exactly what they mean by that at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective’s new home at Cantina Royale. And if you think this is going to be a night of sincerity and seriousness, think again: knowing these folks, things are going to get weird—but weird with a twang, of course.


(image via Emi Grate / Facebook)

A+, The Pan-Asian Drag Revue
Saturday, December 21 at Club Cumming, 8 pm: $5

As we’ve previously noted, Asian drag performers are having a bit of a moment these days. However, it still isn’t entirely commonplace to see many of them in the same lineups, particularly in the sometimes-less-inclusive isle of Manhattan. That changes on Saturday, thanks to the latest edition of Emi Grate’s “pan-Asian drag revue” A+. This week’s show celebrates not only Asian culture but family (both chosen and not—but mostly chosen) through shows, shows, shows by Agent Wednesday, Emi Grate, Jackie Cox, Queen Kirlia, and host Kiko Soirée.