Attendees of Brooklyn’s Bazaar’s closing concert, 12/1/19 at 1am.

In the almost two months since Brooklyn Bazaar announced that it would close, the venue’s fans had one wild opportunity after another for a blowout farewell. After surviving two previous closures and moving into the Polonaise Terrace catering hall in 2016, the former night market had evolved into a proper music venue— and one that won’t soon be forgotten. We hit up some of its final shows before it closed for good last Saturday.

The Ergs! during their sold-out concert on Nov 15th.

Earlier this month we met up with New Jersey emo greats The Ergs! for their sold-out show with Big EyesWeird Skin and a special performance by comedian Chris Gethard.

Comedian Chris Gethard during his opening performance for the Ergs!’s sold-out show on Nov 15th.

The Ergs! have been playing a series of shows for the 15th Anniversary of their album dorkrockcorkrod and the huge crowd that came out for them showed the Bazaar’s reach beyond Brooklyn hipsters. “We played a lot of those Brooklyn venues that are gone, like Don Pedro’s or Tommy’s Tavern when they had music,” lead singer Joe Keller told us. “I was here recently at another show with Weird Skin. Sucks this place has to close.”

New York Night Train Dance Off host Jonathan Toubin (lower left) with band Bipolar during his final party at Brooklyn Bazaar on Nov 23rd.

The next weekend, New York Night Train’s Jonathan Toubin threw his last Dance Off party at Brooklyn Bazaar, which he’d been hosting with DJ duo Soul Clap. “I’ve thrown this party at every closed Brooklyn venue we can name right now— including the original Market Hotel, plus Enid’s, Motor City Bar and Glasslands. We love this place but, ya know, on to the next one.”

CUMGIRL8 after their Friday night performance.

Brooklyn natives The So So Glos headlined last Friday’s show with Wild YaksKnucklehead and CumGirl8. It was a true family reunion; the band had played the wedding of co-owner Belvy Klein along with his godmother Debbie Harry. “It was amazing,” guitarist Ryan Levine told us. “We played ‘Heart of Glass’ and four other songs, it was a real set.” 

The So So Glos with Brooklyn Bazaar owner Belvy Klein (second right) after their set on Friday night.

On stage, second guitarist and former Shea Stadium co-owner Adam Reich wore his defunct venue’s t-shirt to remind the audience about its 2016 closure. The reference was not lost on fans who threw themselves like it was the end of their world— all over again.

The So So Glos with Brooklyn Bazaar owner Belvy Klein (second right) after their set on Friday night.

Klein, who also runs Riis Park Beach Bazaar and was a longtime member of NYC punkers D Generation, took the stage for a secret encore that fit the show to a T. Afterwards he spoke to us about the bigger family he had with his venue’s staff. “It’s so hard to find people you can trust and it’s so easy to take advantage of an owner in a place like this. I’ve had people with me from the last Bazaar that stayed with me and I can’t tell ya how great that is.” 

Subversive Rite after their performance on Saturday night.

Brooklyn Bazaar’s final night was a sold-out punk paradise with house favorites Hank and the HammerheadsWarthogSubversive Rite and Dollhouse. Many early arrivals waited in the long line up the stairs while others grabbed food from vendor Hungry Bessie and killed time in the basement bar that was once a mortuary, according to general manager Brandon Kirshner. “It’s probably haunted, I’ve actually had people tell me they’ve seen ghosts down there.”

Members of Warthog with friends in the 

The ensuing cauldron of punk got a little too crazy for its own good, as someone shot off a fire extinguisher and there was a ton of graffiti. But the music itself was perfect, much to the credit of sound woman Laynie Bell who mixed so well that she never had to soundcheck the bands.

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads’ drummer alongside a souvenir hunter after final his closing performance.

Klein tried to take the damage in stride and his staff really did cheer him up with hugs and genuine thanks. “I love listening to music, I love playing music,” he later told us. “That’s why this place is awesome.”

Brooklyn Bazaar’s staff after their final shift on Saturday night with owner Belvy Klein (right pic top 2nd left).
Attendees (left) alongside band Strange Passage after their basement headlining performance on Nov 15th.
Big Eyes (left) and Weird Skin in Brooklyn Bazaar’s green room before their opening sets for the Ergs!’s sold-out show on Nov 15th.
Native Sun (left) alongside artists ICY AND SOT during their performance for New York Night Train on Nov 23rd.
Brooklyn Bazaar GM Brandon Kirshner (far left) alongside soundwoman Laynie Bell during last Friday’s concert.
CUMGIRL8 drummer Chase with dancer Bobbie Hondo (right pic) in the green room alongside their friends.
Knucklehead (left) alongside Wild Yaks in their green room on Friday night.
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads playing Brooklyn Bazaar’s final set.
Wild Yaks performing on Friday night.
The So So Glos performing on Friday night.
Dollhouse’s lead singer (at right) with friends and fellow bands in the green room on Saturday night.
Brooklyn Bazaar’s staff during their goodbye party at The Palace in Greenpoint.