(image via Vital Joint / Facebook)

Petting Zoo: The Wildlife Stand-Up Show
Thursday, November 7 at Vital Joint, 8 pm: $10

Some might say performers and animals have quite a bit in common, what with their primal energy and general lack of regard for doing anything other than what they’ve planned on doing, like perform or eat grass. These two similar species will be converging tonight in a very special show, and we don’t mean that metaphorically. Petting Zoo features not only jokes by familiar comedic faces like Dan Licata (who now writes for SNL), Charlie Bardey, Maggie Crane, and Mariah Oxley, an actual professional animal handler will be in appearance to show you a gaggle of furry, scaly, feathered, and otherwise non-human friends.


(image via @rabbitwhite / Twitter)

Porn Carnival: A Night of Readings and Surprises
Friday, November 8 at Venus in Furs, 7 pm: FREE

The fun continues into Friday when the busy Bushwick venue Venus in Furs hosts a release party for writer Rachel Rabbit White’s new book of poetry, which has one of the most memorable names I have encountered in a while: Porn Carnival. While some book releases just consist of a breezy conversation with the author and maybe a signing, White’s night lives more closely in the world its title conjures. In addition to readings by Larissa Pham, Charlotte Shane, and Precious Okoyomon (who are all forces of nature in their own right), there will also be live cake sitting by Lindsay Dye, a DJ set, and surely even more surprises—it is in the event title, after all.


(image via Brooklyn Comedy Collective)

And That’s Our Time
Saturday, November 9 at Brooklyn Comedy Collective, 9 pm: $10

Those of you who have been to Brooklyn Comedy Collective shows before (or at least were planning to) may know that they were housed within The Brick in Williamsburg. Now, that’s no longer the case, but fret not, the Collective still lives on in all their weird glory. They recently moved to the nearby Cantina Royale, including And That’s Our Time, a particularly unique show hosted by Harris Mayersohn and Hanna Dickinson. Sure, there’s stand-up, like any other comedy show, but there’s a twist: an actual licensed therapist watches everyone’s sets, and then offers critique and analysis. Perhaps it’ll be a learning opportunity for both performers and audience. If anything, it’s cheaper than most actual therapy sessions.


(image via The Nobodies / Facebook)

Get Your Panties in a Brunch
Sunday, November 10 at Dromedary Bar, 1 pm: FREE

Sometimes you’re tired, and you don’t want to wait until 8 pm or 10 pm (or god forbid, midnight) to see a show. And sometimes, you have a particular craving for brunch. Well, you’re in luck, because at Bushwick “urban tiki” bar and restaurant Dromedary, you can get an early show and a hearty brunch all under one roof, thanks to Get Your Panties in a Brunch. Indeed, every Sunday you can catch drag performers Emi Grate, Lady Bearica Andrews, and other special guests lip syncing for their life while you cut into the poached eggs atop your Benedict, which can sometimes feel like a performance in itself.