(image via Stonestreet Comedy Hour / Facebook)

The Stonestreet Comedy Hour
Thursday, November 20 at Stonestreet Studios, 8 pm: pay what you can

Thursday is like the Friday of the weekdays (yes, Friday is technically a weekday too, but you know what I mean), so it’s only natural that you do some sort of activity before you have to go to bed and wake up early one more time that week. One recommended one is The Stonestreet Comedy Hour, a short-but-sweet donation-based comedy show that takes places within Stonestreet, a film production studio that also trains NYU students. Hosted by Jesse Roth, a comedian with an occasional penchant for song and dance, the show features sets by Allison O’Conor, Patrick Nolan, Ariel Gitlin, Andrew Coalson, and Matt Gehring, plus, everyone’s favorite: free snacks.


It’s Not Gay
Friday, November 22 at The Rosemont, 7 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

In this listing we normally only put live performance, but I’ll make an exception for this show, which is predominantly a music video release for Sofia Dobrushin’s catchy, comedic ode to coming to terms with one’s bisexuality. While the evening does focus on screen-based media—there will also be videos screened by Leanne Velednitsky, John Hammond and Dekunle, and Emma Jayne and Lucy Gamades—there’s something inherently theatrical about it all; it’s queer, and it’s produced by a bunch of comedians who perform live all the time. Plus, they’re raising money for The Trevor Project, which focuses on LGBTQ suicide prevention. Not a bad way to spend a night.


(image via The Footlight / Facebook)

Venashitshow: Bill and Ven’s Most Extra Birthday
Saturday, November 23 at The Footlight, 7 pm: $10 suggested donation

Yes, this is predominantly a burlesque show to celebrate the birthday of the high-energy performer Venatrix, but folks of the nerdier variety might also like to know that it’s also partially a tribute to Bill Nye, that beloved guy of the science variety. The night will be jam-packed with entertainments and oddities—plenty of burlesque, of course, from a diverse cast of 10+ performers specializing in both the traditional and the experimental, and there will also be live sketching, a raffle, and an afterparty with DJ sets.


(photo: Marcus Middleton)

A Cocktail Party Social Experiment
Sunday, November 24 at Chelsea Music Hall, 6 pm: $15

Anyone who has worked as a bartender or really even spent any sort of time in a drinking establishment should know that such places are home to a truly wide range of characters. Sometimes this results in a merry time for all, and other times—well, bar fights are called bar fights for a reason. Performer Wil Petre’s latest creation, A Cocktail Party Social Experiment, takes its inspiration from this spirited tradition of gathering to drink and the many outcomes that might transpire while doing it. This isn’t a typical show; it’s an immersive, roving experience that aims to get people to connect and listen harder than they usually would, which is fine, because who doesn’t like a little eavesdropping? Plus, each ticket appropriately includes a cocktail.