(photo: Mylene Fernandes)

Most coffee shops don’t have a usable bed in them, or allow entire motor vehicles inside, but it’s safe to say Etiquette isn’t your ordinary coffee shop. Vincent Marino, part of Four Happy Men Hospitality and one of Etiquette’s owners, is hesitant to even call the south Williamsburg space a coffee shop.

Though the room was filled with laptops on the afternoon we met, he also doesn’t call it a coworking space. In the back, there are drawers of vinyl courtesy of Halcyon, a long-running shop formerly at the nightclub Output, but Etiquette isn’t mainly a record store, either. The best way Vincent can describe the curious, multifaceted space is a “place where people hang out.”

(photo: Mylene Fernandes)

Etiquette, which opened in late July on Broadway near the East River, is from the same team as nearby bar Loosie Rouge. As per Vincent, Etiquette should feel like “an extension of your living room,” and the space looks the part. There are rustic tables and chairs, cozy couches, mirrors, bookshelves, and yes, the aforementioned bed, which has been accessorized with an acoustic guitar, a bedside record player, and hopefully frequent bedding changes for all the bedbug-fearers out there. There’s even a full bathtub by the records, glammed up with the presence of a large disco ball. All the furniture can also be rearranged, for events or simply just because.

There’s just one caveat, Vincent adds: in this living room, you don’t need to do all the dishes after you’re done.

(photo: Mylene Fernandes)

During the day, Etiquette offers a well-lit, spacious place to hang out, conduct meetings, or do work. Sweet and savory pastries abound in glass cases, and a kitchen in the back serves up sandwiches, grain bowls, and salads. There’s the requisite coffee, beer, wine, and cocktails, but for the more wellness-inclined there’s also concoctions like juices, matcha, turmeric-filled golden milk, and brewed botanicals.

Halcyon’s record offerings in the back are not only plentiful, but also interactive—there are record players and headphones scattered throughout the space, so interested folks can literally hear the house, disco, ambient, and other tunes the store has to offer. Vincent also says they have plans to have afternoon DJ sets in the future.

(photo: Cassidy Dawn Graves)

Once the sun starts to set, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen. One night, there might be a comedy show, while the next night welcomes a private event for a brand or celebrity. Vincent speaks of chef collaborations, pop-up shops, DJ sets, and book releases. It doesn’t stop there: he mentions wanting to set up a surfboard rental program, or show sports on the space’s tiny, retro television, prompting people to gather on couches and on the ground rather than stare at a massive projector screen.

Vincent simply describes the evening ethos as “What can happen tonight?”

(photo: Mylene Fernandes)

Etiquette’s unconventional and multitasking nature feels particularly reminiscent of our current age, where everyone seems to have their toes in seventeen things at once, whether that be jobs, creative pursuits, or social scenes. It also reminds one of how tumultuous running a business in this city can be, and how the ability to adapt and be appealing to many types of people (and businesses) can be useful and sometimes instrumental to survival.

Vincent notes that Williamsburg is continuing to change and more families are starting to move into the area, further increasing the need for the kind of place that has a little bit of everything.

“It’s a very interesting time to be a part of something,” he says.

Etiquette is located at 53 Broadway and open from 8 am to 5 pm daily, with events most evenings.