Not Straight Not White
Thursday, October 10 at 132 W 21st Street, 7 pm: FREE

At this trio show, audiences get the best of three worlds. There’s photography, there’s sculpture, and there’s performance, and it’s all created by young artists (Patrick Arias, Jinyong Choi, and Garrett Allen) who are, as the title suggests, neither straight nor white. To those deeply enmeshed in inclusive, queer, nightlife-y worlds, this may not seem like the most revolutionary thing (though I’d advise taking a closer look at those scenes to see how consistently diverse they really are), but recall that it was a mere two days ago that the Supreme Court was contemplating queer and trans people’s right to hold a job without the constant fear of being fired simply for who they are. Not Straight Not White acknowledges these tumultuous times and attempts to imagine a better future, one where the marginalized take back the power.


(image via Magical Girl Burlesque / Facebook)

Welcome to the Black Glitter Parade
Friday, October 11 at The Nest Brooklyn, 8 pm: $15 advance, $20 doors

Think back to the past, specifically to that time where you put black eyeliner on your waterline even though your mom advised you not to (she was right). It was a time where Hot Topic reigned, MySpace was still a thing, and the only music festival of note was Warped Tour. Let Magical Girl Burlesque take you back to those emo times of old with their tribute to one of the most theatrical bands of that pop-punk era, My Chemical Romance. Six performers will do their most creative (and least clothed) interpretations of songs you probably blasted as a moody teen, and if you stick around afterward, there’ll be a free concert of MCR cover songs to end the night.


(image via Rebecca Weiser and Leanne Velednitsky / Facebook)

Backyard Show
Saturday, October 12 at Pine Box Rock Shop, 7:30 pm: FREE

Before you reach for three jackets simultaneously, let me assure you that despite the name, this show is not actually in a real backyard. Weeks or even days ago that would have been just fine and dandy, but there’s enough of a chill in the air to now make outdoor comedy seem less like a treat and more like something to shiver through. Anyhow, Leanne Velednitsky and Rebecca Weiser’s indoor Backyard Show returns to the back room of Pine Box in Bushwick, bringing with it stand-up and more surprises by Marcia Belsky, Rebecca O’Neal, Ian Dyer, Lizzie Logan, and Natalie Rotter-Laitman.


(image via Not Dead Yet / Facebook)

Not Dead Yet
Sunday, October 13 at C’mon Everybody, 8 pm: $10

Though it can feel more like a miracle every day, the world is in fact still spinning, and most of its inhabitants are indeed still living. Comedians Lorelei Ramirez, Amy Zimmer, and Ana Fabrega are among those lucky livers, and they’re still hosting Not Dead Yet, a comedy variety show in Bed-Stuy that leans in the weird and wacky direction, which will be unsurprising to anyone who has seen even a small tidbit of any of the host’s own material. Sure, Sunday nights are for wondering why you acted that way at that party or spent so much on dinner, but why not shove all that out of your mind and replace it with jokes, stories, and strange stuff by Ayo Edebiri, Max Wittert, Okay Kaya, and Kwame Opoku-Duku.