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The Sandalwood Box and The Fez
Now through November 1 at The Flea Theater, 7 pm (some shows at 3 pm or 4 pm): $15+ ($10 student rush tickets available 10 minutes before curtain, subject to availability)

The latest offering in experimental playwright Mac Wellman’s theatrical, political, and often-surreal bonanza at The Flea is actually two plays in one. The first, The Sandalwood Box, follows a woman seeking speech therapy after losing her voice who meets a mysterious professor able to contain “captivating catastrophes” inside of (you guessed it) a box made of sandalwood. The Fez deals in even more abstract terms, with the summary simply stating “The charmed spell of the theater has somehow absented itself, and something strange happens. A play that was originally printed on a tee shirt is finally produced!” 


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A Half Hour with Guitler Raphael
Friday, September 27 at The Footlight, 7 pm: $5

The most common form of comedy to be found at bars is short-form. Whether it be a three-minute open mic set that feels like three hours or a tight ten-minutes that flies by, longform stand-up is usually reserved for the likes of streaming services willing to fork over the big bucks (and sometimes, work with some questionable people). However, you can still find it live and in person. Friday night, comedian Guitler Raphael will be performing a half hour of stand-up (that will also be recorded) at The Footlight in Ridgewood. That’s not all—he’ll be joined by fellow comics Carmen Legal, Saurin Choksi, Tawana Gona, and host Kofi Thomas.


(image via Undiscovered Countries / Facebook)

Undiscovered Countries 7th Birthday
Saturday, September 28 at Cloud City, 7:30 pm: $12

It’s getting rare to find live shows in New York that stick around for years and years. Rents are going up, venues are closing left and right, and train troubles make the idea of staying in and watching something on a screen even more appealing. However, there are still dedicated groups who will stop at nothing to put on a live show, and dedicated audiences who will stop at nothing to witness one. One such committed collective is Undiscovered Countries, a variety show and incubator for new theatrical works (that, full disclosure, I have performed at before) that will be celebrating an impressive seven years of existence with a performance-filled party at Williamsburg’s Cloud City featuring theater, music, drag, comedy, and more.


(image via Keepeasy Sundays / Facebook)

Keepeasy Sundays Presents: Hot and Fresh
Sunday, September 29 at The Keep, 10 pm: $10 suggested

Consistently producing a weekly live show is quite an undertaking, much less producing, hosting, and performing in that show time after time, usually in elaborate makeup and costumes. However, burlesque performers Rare Darling and Midnight Moon have been consistently doing so with their show Keepeasy Sundays, a burlesque, drag, and live jazz extravaganza happening at The Keep on the Bushwick-Ridgewood border, that also double as a multidisciplinary open mic. This week they’re doing something a bit different: a mini competition where three emerging performers get three minutes to wow the crowd, with the winner earning a performance slot at the show.