(image via The Nobodies / Facebook)

The Mx. Nobody Pageant Week 2
Thursday, August 15 at Brooklyn Bazaar, 7 pm: FREE

Drag Race isn’t on right now, but if you’re still itching for a competition involving lip-syncing and creative outfits, look no further than the Mx. Nobody Pageant, which will give you all that, but with less commercialism and restrictive notions of what a drag performer looks like. Anyone can compete in this pageant, and new performers are particularly welcomed. So, head on over to Brooklyn Bazaar to get a peek at what the future of drag might look like, and how diverse such an art form can truly be.


(image courtesy of Shark Party Media)

Adult Sex Ed
Friday, August 16 at Caveat, 9 pm: $15 advance, $20 doors

Sex ed comes in many forms, including nonexistent. With her recurring show Adult Sex Ed, Dani Faith Leonard seeks to introduce a new kind of learning experience, one that involves less desks and homework and awkward overheard projections and more of, well, anything that isn’t that. This time, they’re combining biology and history with a “strange history” theme, which will touch on topics like old-school sex terms, freaky historical figures, and the strange saga surrounding self-love. Oh, and there will be a gaggle of comedians ready to discuss both these subjects and stories that get even more personal.


Tinder Live
Saturday, August 17 at littlefield, 8 pm: $15 advance, $18 doors

Dating apps used to be a niche activity cloaked in some degree of shame, as it was implied you had to turn to the web due to an inability to meet people IRL. Well, not anymore. Now, pretty much everyone single (and a handful of people who aren’t) has an account on anywhere from one to like, seven dating apps of all shapes and sizes. Comedian Lane Moore exposes this consistently-shifting (yet consistently strange) landscape using the app Tinder, which today is more or less like shining a light on the human condition, if that condition includes a nice dose of horniness and/or loneliness. She swipes and chats while comedians offer commentary—this time, it’s Louis Peitzman, Joanna Hausmann, and Shalewa Sharpe.


(image via The Macaulay Culkin Show / Facebook)

The Macaulay Culkin Show Summer Comedy Festival
Sunday, August 18 at The Bell House, 7:30 pm: $5

For quite some time now, Brett Davis and Sally Burtnick have hosted The Macaulay Culkin Show, a comedy show that shares a name with the Home Alone actor / pizza-themed musician. However, the show never had any formal association with the man. On Sunday, all that will change, as the actual, real, genuine Macaulay Culkin will be appearing to co-host the show’s annual summer festival. Past summer festivals have been at DIY spaces and techno clubs that contained little to no air conditioning (trust me, I have experienced it), but this time they’re at the spacious Bell House, where the air will be cool and the comedy will be plentiful—as per summer festival tradition, the show features short sets by over 20 comics, including Chris Gethard, Jon Glaser, and more.