(image via Andy Ward / Facebook)

Red Flags
Thursday, August 8 at Otto’s Shrunken Head, 7:30 pm: FREE

Red flags. They’re stressful and bad, sure, but they sure are fun to talk about. This mindset permeates Red Flags, a queer comedy show all about the signs you ignore time and time again even though you told your friends you’d stop doing that. Hosts Nora Jefferies, Jovough Jackson, and Andy Ward want to hear all about your red flags, and not just the ones involving yourself or the people you’ve slept with. Any red flags are fair game—maybe there’ll even be discussion about an actual red flag, the kind you fly in the sky. Joining the trio of hosts to discuss their most crimson of banners will be Mark Stoll, Chris Murphy, Meghan Frank, and Mila Myles.


(image via Tim Donnelly / Facebook)

The PUN-ch Up
Friday, August 9 at Caveat, 7pm: $10 advance, $12 doors

Words are funny, and sometimes they’re punny. But to the quip-friendly gaggle of hosts behind The Pun-ch Up, words are punny almost all the time. The group can be frequently found at pun competition Punderdome (many of them have won the competition a staggering amount of times), but now they’re coming to Lower East Side venue Caveat for a night of words, words, words. Yes, there will be puns, but there will also be a wide variety of other witticisms, lessons on language, and of course, a good deal of punching up.


(image via Harris Mayersohn / Facebook)

And That’s Our Time: The Stand-Up Therapy Show
Saturday, August 10 at Brooklyn Comedy Collective, 9:30 pm: $10

Unless you have Medicaid or a miracle, therapy is expensive, sometimes to the point of being infeasible to get. And don’t even get me started on the monumental-feeling process of even finding one to begin with. But come Saturday, there’s a way to at least be in the same room as therapy, kind of. Harris Mayersohn and Hanna Dickinson will be hosting a comedy therapy show, and not just in the sense that laughter can be cathartic. Rather, he’ll be bringing a real live licensed therapist to the stage to observe, and then analyze, comedians as they do their thing. 


(image via Charlotte Murray)

August 9-24 at Teatro Latea, 9:15 pm (some shows at 9 pm and 9:30 pm): $35

It’s highly possible you’ve been to a murder mystery party, where you have to play a character and do a lot of dramatic gasping and also solve puzzles. At least I think that’s what happens, I’ve never been to one. Noirtown, a new immersive play by Michel Bontatibus, is kind of like that, except instead of having to play a character, you get to just watch it all happen around you, following the characters that intrigue you most. More specifically, the play centers around a trio of detectives working on separate cases that have one woman in common. As you might expect, this leads to even more mystery than what they started with.