(image via Savannah DesOrmeaux / Facebook)

Ghost Town
Thursday, July 25 at Pete’s Candy Store, 7 pm: FREE

Ghosts are probably feeling not too thrilled lately. They’ve gone from being known for being spooky spirits to being associated with the kind of people who just stop texting you out of nowhere, which I can’t imagine feels great.  Furthering this ghosting narrative (but in a fun way) is Savannah DesOrmeaux’s Ghost Town, a comedy show about dating, and of course, ghosting. It mostly functions as a typical stand-up show, but the host will also choose one comedian from the lineup to divulge their own experiences with being ghosted. This month, the candidates include Natasha Vaynblat, Chike Robinson, Jenny Gorelick, Kelsey Caine, Marie Faustin, and Shannon Coffey.


(image via Alex Moore / Facebook)

Big Darkness
Friday, July 26 at Precious Metal, 8:30 pm: FREE

There are a lot of ways, probably too many, to spend money on a Friday night. That’s why events that don’t cost anything to attend can be nice, so that way you’re only dropping cash on drinks, or whatever else you might end up indulging in during the later hours. One such gratis activity is Big Darkness, Alex Moore and Brad Hagen’s long-running comedy show at Bushwick bar Precious Metal, which used to be a DIY space I once spent the night in, in a bunk bed. Now there are no strange sleeping arrangements, but there is AC, many types of beers, and jokes by Courtney Maginnis, Daniel Simonsen, Andy Sandford, Alison Klemp, and William Garré, which might be the perfect combo to start your weekend.


(image via Jill Sermonte / Facebook)

Mud Bitch
Saturday, July 27 at 74 Eldert Street, 5 pm: FREE

Usually comedy shows involve not much more than a performer and a microphone, and maybe a prop or two if someone is feeling adventurous. But when a comedy show is outside, anything is possible. We covered a “messy comedy show” that happened several years ago, featuring lots of gooey stuff and even a whole octopus. Comedian Jill Sermonte’s Mud Bitch, which is simultaneously comedy show and BBQ and mud wrestling competition, is the latest to join the ranks of the lawless outdoor BYOB comedic experience (say that five times fast). And yes, there will be actual mud wrestling, so maybe wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty.


(image via @louisetheillatease / Instagram)

Resuscitation Sunday
Sunday, July 28 at Nurse Bettie, 8 pm: FREE

Sunday is widely known as a day of rest and a holy day, but not everyone interprets that the same way. Some stay in, others go to some type of house of worship. A church is one option, but another type of worship house could be a burlesque show, where everyone is hooting and hollering and throwing dollar bills at bodies undressing in various creative ways, which seems pretty worshipful to me. This Sunday, head to Lower East Side fixture Nurse Bettie for Resuscitation Sunday, an evening of disrobing helmed by performer Lousie the Ill At Ease. She’ll be celebrating her 30th birthday the best way she knows how: gathering a bunch of her burlesque friends and putting on a free show for all to see.