(image via The Nobodies / Facebook)

The Mx. Nobody Pageant Presents: NOPE
Friday, July 19 at The Vault in Brooklyn, 11 pm: $5

Descend into the dark depths of basement venue The Vault in Brooklyn (formerly known as Tilt) tonight, and you’ll find a night of merriment presented by The Nobodies, a drag collective that often dabbles in inclusive pageantry and also, wrestling. Tonight, they’re throwing a show and party with drag and burlesque acts by Emi Grate, Sweaty Eddie, Qualms Galore, plus host Ariel Italic and tunes from DJ Accident Report. Expect acts that are weird and attention-grabbing, and if the heat is making you want to stay in and veg out, know that this starts at 11 pm, a time when the cursed sun will definitely not be out. 


(image via Interrobang / Facebook)

Interrobang: New Works
Saturday, July 20 at The Brick, 8 pm: $10

If the buzz (and general sense of horror) surrounding the trailer for the movie version of Cats is any indication, society loves to remount pieces of media that already exist, even if they involve little to no cohesive plot and large amounts of odd-looking human cats. But fear not, there’s still plenty of original, new work to be witnessed in the city live and in person. Saturday night, get your sweaty body over to Williamsburg theater The Brick for the latest edition of experimental theater company Title:Point’s new work night, where a gaggle of theater-makers, performance artists, video artists, and more present creations dealing with such topics as grapefruit existentialism, climate change, and obscure instruments.


playwright Elyse Pitock and director Alexis Wilcock (photo: Victoria Ungvarsky)

Preexisting Conditions
Now through July 28 at Paradise Factory, various times: $24

Apparently, it’s going to be so hot this weekend people could see their health issues getting worse, or maybe even developing new ones. Fun! If you’re still interested in getting out of the house (hey, maybe you don’t have AC) why not lean into it and see a play about perils of healthcare titled Preexisting Conditions. Part of the Corkscrew Festival, an annual showcase of new theatrical works, Elyse Pitock’s play centers around a young women with chronic pain and no insurance, which will surely, unfortunately, feel familiar to many. She encounters a new startup that’s like Tinder but for finding health professionals to consult (and maybe date?), and the results are predictably complicated.