(photo: Russ Rowland)

Madame Lynch

Now through June 15 at New Ohio Theater, 8 pm (select shows at 4 pm and 7 pm): $25

Theater artists Normandy Sherwood and Craig Flanigin, who together run the company The Drunkard’s Wife, are always up to something colorful. They specialize in the zany, the musical, the site-specific, the historically-inspired. Their latest creation, Madame Lynch, is sure to be no different. It centers around the self-proclaimed “Empress of Paraguay” Eliza Lynch, a woman who is not in fact from Paraguay but from Ireland. To help tell this tale of imperialism, they’ve enlisted the Paraguayan “folkloric dance group” Ballet Panambí Vera as choreographic collaborators.


(image via Wet Cash NYC / Facebook)

Wet Cash
Friday, June 7 at GG’s Social Treasure and Trade Club, 7:30 pm: FREE ($10 suggested donation)

What’s better than dry cash? Wet cash, of course, as it can provide a bit of cooling refreshment in the midst of warm and humid weather—just try not to think about where that money has been. If you’re less enthused about that type of wet cash (or even if you are), Friday you have the chance to attend Wet Cash, a recurring comedy show inside of a Bushwick thrift store that has free beer and raises money for Make the Road. Friday night, expect jokes by Hannah Boone, Rachel McCartney, Andrew Durso, and Chris Daniels, plus host stylings by Terence Hartnett. And if you’re enthused by both a show called Wet Cash and actual wet cash, you have the chance to win some drippy dollars, if you’re lucky.


(image via Vital Joint / Facebook)

Satur Day Ni Ght Base Ball
Saturday, June 8 at Vital Joint, 7 pm: FREE

I cannot say I am much of a sports fan, or really have ever paid attention during an in-person or televised sports game in my life. When I watched the Super Bowl, I would be eating snacks and look up to see what had happened to make everyone yell and holler, only to realize I still don’t know how football works. And yet, I am somehow intrigued by Satur Day Ni Ght Base Ball, the latest offering by comedians Jason Weitzman and Matthew Liner. First of all, the title contains so many spaces where there normally aren’t any. Secondly, the description of the show definitely makes it seem like baseball is a sex thing (and who can say? For some, it can be, anything can) and includes the very good phrase “beckoning hole.” And if all that hasn’t piqued your interest, know that this show is free, it will be happening as the Mets play the Colorado Rockies, and it will have something to do with baseball and sports commentary. Maybe there will be snacks?


(image courtesy of Delish)

Sunday, June 9 at Bedlam, 8 pm: FREE

It’s always nice to enjoy something tasty on a Sunday, otherwise known as a day of dread, where people in school have to do homework and people with jobs have to face the notion of yet another week of work. Of course, food is always a good option, but deliciousness can come in many forms. One of which is Delish, comedian Philip Sparkle and drag performer Golden Delicious’s weekly queer performance extravaganza at Bedlam, which also happens to be free—yum! This week features Drew Lasch, Gaby Hornig, Andrew Coalson, Bobby Hankinson, and Gloria Swanson, with tunes as per usual by DJ Harkness Granger.