(image via Runnin’ On Empty / Facebook)

Runnin’ On Empty With Yotam and Lisa
Thursday, June 27 at le poisson rouge, 7 pm: $2 advance, $3 doors

Some comedy shows in Manhattan require hefty cover charges and overpriced food and drink minimums, but the aptly-named Runnin’ On Empty only asks for a slim smattering of dollar bills: three, to be exact, or two if you Venmo in advance. Hosted by Lisa Franklin and Yotam Tubul, the show features a blend of seasoned and recognizable performers and stand-ups who are still starting out. Will you be able to tell who is who? Well, as long as you have a nice time, I guess it doesn’t matter. This time, the show welcomes Myq Kaplan, Ashley Brooke Roberts, Usama Siddiquee, Madeleine Olnek, Brittany Carney, and Felipe Di Poi.


(image via DaF Fest / Facebook)

Diverse as Fuck Comedy Festival
June 28-29 at Caveat, various times: $10+

Despite the metric ton of evidence proving otherwise, there are still some people who think that the funnier comedians out there are white dudes—even if, say, those white dudes were known for being creeps. The Diverse as Fuck Comedy Festival will certainly have none of that, presenting two jam-packed days of laughs brought to you by a group of performers that are actually, genuinely diverse, not in the way that Italian or Swedish people sometimes try to say they are. The festival features both newcomers and familiar faces like Cole Escola, Alex English, hip-hop improv group North Coast, and Tessa Skara.


(image via The Bearded Ladies / Facebook)

Contradict This! A Birthday Funeral For Heroes
Now through June 29 at La MaMa, 7 pm: $25 ($20 students/seniors)

In addition to it being Pride month and the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, it’s also the 200th anniversary of Walt Whitman’s birth. June is full of milestones, as it turns out. One of the most unique and multifaceted ways to celebrate all this and more is at the newest creation by Jon Jarboe and the Bearded Ladies Cabaret, billed as “a birthday funeral for heroes” and a “pageant for the ancestors.” Through drag, music, performance art, comedy, dance, theater, and even choir, the queer ensemble will delve into queer icons and their flaws in the time of cancel culture, with a focus on Whitman himself.


(image via Bushwig / Facebook)

Bushwig Presents World Pride Divas
Sunday, June 30 at 3 Dollar Bill, 4 pm: $10 before 7 pm, $20 after

It’s closer than ever—the actual day of Pride, where the big march (and at least one alternative march) will fill the streets with rainbows and multiple genders and also, probably a lot of items with the names of banks emblazoned on them. If your feet are still ready to party after the march (or if you didn’t wake up early enough for it), there’ll be quite a bit to take in at the vast 3 Dollar Bill in East Williamsburg, where the team behind drag festival Bushwig will be taking over for a 12-hour experience of drag, dancing, and more themed around your favorite divas, from Mariah to Nicki and beyond. There’ll be shows outside, shows inside, DJ sets, cheap drinks, and plenty of time to party.