(image via Charlie Bardey / Facebook)

Thursday, June 13 at Rebecca’s, 8 pm: FREE

Who is Stacy? I personally don’t know, but comedians Marissa Goldman, Caroline Doyle, and Charlie Bardey might, considering the trio hosts a show boasting that name every month at cozy, colorfully-lit Bushwick bar Rebecca’s. Apparently, this Stacy has recently embarked upon an archaeological dig, but it was not so successful, and she’s feeling a bit downtrodden. (Who wouldn’t, if they were promised dinosaurs and didn’t discover any?) The three hosts have gathered an evening of laughs to serve as the antidote, which will be delivered by Rachel Pegram, Pat Regan, Tim Platt, Jolie Darrow, and Rufat Agayev, with an additional dose of drag from Chola Spears.


(image via C’était BonTemps and Chevy Lace / Facebook)

Pan: Neverland Burlesque and Drag
Friday, June 14 at The Huron Club, 9 pm: $12

Well-loved fairy tales get a darker, more scantily-clad treatment at Pan, a night of Peter Pan-inspired drag and burlesque brought to you by performers/producers Chevy Lace (playing Peter himself) and C’était BonTemps (embodying mischievous Tinkerbell). They’ve assembled a cast of queer Brooklyn performers of all stripes—including Theydy Bedbug, Rara Darling, God Complex, Bad News Bear, and Vylette Tendency—who will be transforming the Soho Playhouse’s Huron Club into their version of Neverland for the evening. 


(image via The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque / Facebook)

The 3rd Annual Mister Twin Peaks Pageant
Saturday, June 15 at Joe’s Pub, midnight: $20

Beauty pageants, at least in the traditional sense, are not for everyone. The latest offering of pageantry from performer Francine “The Lucid Dream” and her Pink Room Burlesque is also probably not for everyone, but not in the sense that it excludes those who aren’t rail-thin and don’t conform to Eurocentric beauty standards. Rather, it’s a David Lynch and Twin Peaks-themed male beauty pageant that may or may not also be a genderbending burlesque show, so if none of those things appeal to you, maybe go watch a regular beauty pageant instead. And for the rest of you, celebrate Father’s Day early by watching a bunch of dudes do their Lynchian thing onstage. 


(image via The Macaulay Culkin Show / Facebook)

The Macaulay Culkin Show
Sunday, June 16 at Rubulad, 8 pm: $5

We told you it was back before, and then it came back again, and now it seems to be back for good—at least for now. Yes, it’s The Macaulay Culkin Show, a comedy show hosted by Brett Davis and Sally Burtnick and not actually Macaulay Culkin—again, at least for now. This month, they’re back at Bushwick DIY party spot Rubulad, bringing with them a mighty lineup worthy of your ears and eyeballs. If you don’t believe me, read on: they’ve got Chris Gethard, comedic cabaret darling Catherine Cohen, LA-based weirdo Jamie Loftus, Justin Linville, and Daniel Simonsen. Plus, it’s only five dollars.