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Thursday, May 16 at C’mon Everybody, 8 pm: $8 advance, $10 doors

Whom among us has not quit something? This shared sentiment typically unites the room at Quitters, Sam Corbin and Ian Goldstein’s monthly comedy show that asks performers to ruminate upon the times they decided to throw in the towel. However, the quitting isn’t entirely pervasive, as the show is celebrating two whole consistent years of existence tonight. Yes, that’s two years without quitting, or at least without quitting this once specific thing. The folks helping the two hosts celebrate their commitment to the quit include Rachel Kaly, Shalewa Sharpe, Rachel Pegram, and Chris Donahue, and a portion of the ticket proceeds will be going to the ACLU.


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Never Sleep Alone
Friday, May 17 at Joe’s Pub, 9:30 pm: $35-45

When you see a show, it’s typical to be expected to sit down and be quiet, save for periods of cheering and hollering at the appropriate moments, and maybe shedding a tear or two if the spirit moves you. You wouldn’t expect to be asked to make out with strangers around you or anything. Well, “sexual evangelist” Dr. Alex Schiller’s show Never Sleep Alone is a little different, in that yes, you will be asked to do a fair bit of kissing, provided you’re in the right audience section. Indeed, the crowd will be divided into “voyeurs” and “players,” the latter of which will pay ten less dollars and be prompted to mack on strangers. Of course, it’s not exclusively an evening of lip-locking—there will be other interactive, educational fun as well.


(photo: Travis Emery, via The Tank / Facebook)

I thought I would die but I didn’t
Now through May 23 at The Tank, 7 pm: $20+

As a society, we very much like crime and danger. Well, specifically watching it and hearing about it, less so experiencing it ourselves. But even so, we especially like true crime, as in stories that actually happened to real people who existed, just as long we they’re not us. The latest theatrical offering from playwright and performer Bailey Williams, running at The Tank through next week, ruminates upon this interesting dissonance. I should note that I first became acquainted with Williams’s work through a series of madcap performances about gay horses and timeshares, replete with wacky Western choreography and Powerpoint presentations. This show is decidedly not that, but it’s good to have variety in your performance experiences, and trust that anyone with a brain capable of dreaming up both that show and this show is someone to pay attention to.


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The Macaulay Culkin Show
Sunday, May 19 at Rubulad, 8 pm: $5

You thought it was over, and honestly so did we, but guess what? The Macaulay Culkin Show, the comedy show hosted not by the man himself but by Brett Davis and Sally Burtnick, has made a triumphant return once again. The show appeared as though it would end with the closure of its home base, the DIY venue Shea Stadium, but please recall that Brooklyn comedians are scrappy and also very passionate about doing a lot of shows all the time. Thus, starting this Sunday night, the show has a new life at Bushwick space Rubulad. This new iteration could be what it takes to finally get Macaulay on as host, but in the meantime, expect performances from Jack Bensinger, Joe Castle Baker, Colin Burgess, Shalewa Sharpe, and Clare O’Kane.