(image courtesy of Victori + Mo)

Shame is the First Betrayer
Opening Thursday, May 9 at Victori + Mo, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through June 22.

Art gallery Victori + Mo, which previously occupied a space within Bushwick’s 56 Bogart, is moving to Chelsea. The first exhibition in their new space, opening Thursday, is by multidisciplinary artist Phoenix Lindsey-Hall. The show takes its inspiration from the Lesbian Herstory Archives, specifically sections of the archive’s collection containing people’s personal belongings. Typically, these items stay in an archival setting, accessible only for people who already had the idea to go hunting for them. In Lindsey-Hall’s work, they come alive, as the gallery will be filled with replicas and reproductions of specific items that lesbians and queer women throughout the past decades possessed, whether that be everyday objects or treasured possessions.

(image via Lazy Susan Gallery / Facebook)

The Walls Between Us
Opening Friday, May 10 at Lazy Susan Gallery, 7 pm to 10 pm. One night only.

You only have one night to experience this solo exhibition by Kathryn Rose, but they make a pretty convincing argument as to why you should. Firstly, the art: Rose has created a series of miniature oil paintings, all of which share a common motif of roses. When we say small, we mean small: some of the detailed imagery in Rose’s politically-charged paintings can only be glimpsed by a very trained eye. And for those without great focus abilities, there will be magnifying glasses to assist in experiencing it all. If that isn’t enough to get you in the room, the opening also includes mezcal cocktails and small bites from local vegan creamery Riverdel, so you can have your culture and eat it too.

(image via Little Skips / Facebook)

Little Skips Spring Art Show
Opening Friday, May 10 at Little Skips, 8 pm to midnight.

Sure, it is nice to go out to a fancy gallery, but sometimes you just want something a little cozier, where you’re less likely to run into fancy Manhattanites who namedrop and clutch little cups of wine. This Friday, you’re in luck: Bushwick coffee shop Little Skips is having an evening shindig to celebrate the latest crop of art on their walls, including portrait-style work by local artists M. Erazo, Rosalind Watson, Avery Webster-Hobbs, and Robin Grant. Waltz by early or late (not too late; they’ll be wrapping up around midnight) for mingling, art-gazing, snacks, drinks, and vendors. And if you miss the opening, you can always see the work the next time you grab a latte.