Ahmad Hammoud, Passport for the Stateless, 2016, Color-printed paper booklet, 4.9 × 3.5 in

Occupational Hazards
Opening Wednesday, May 29 at apexart, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through July 27.

The central concept of apexart’s latest exhibition is pieces of art that have been “lost, damaged, or destroyed when shipped through the Middle East,” a theme that seems so specific it might seem like it could only result in a meager showcase. As the show contains over a dozen artists from all over the world, particularly those with ties to places like Iran, Kuwait, and Palestine, it is apparent that art in international transit can meet this fate more frequently than one might surmise. This can encompass more mundane wear and tear from the everyday bumpiness of travel and the customs process, or it can have more complicated, insidious origins, such as the time artist Ahmad Hammound’s passport-esque creation got torn up and marked with red pen for daring to remotely resemble a travel document.

Scorpions, 2017, Museum of Arts & Design, Photograph by Bryson Rand. Made in collaboration with Chris Habana. Performed by Jerome AB, Ash Yergens, and Forrest Wu. Courtesy of the artist and SUBLIMATION, New York. 

Opening Friday, May 31 at Stellar Projects, 6 pm. On view through June 2.

Artist Vincent Tiley exists at the intersection of several scenes: fine art, performance, fashion, kink, queer nightlife. Appropriately, his work dives into how all these methods of seeing and being might connect, in ways both surprising and not. Primarily, this takes the form of what he calls “rope paintings,” sculptures that combine paint, leather, rope, vinyl, horse bits, and other objects, resembling wrapped packages or rump roasts. Friday’s opening features a performance created in collaboration with jewelry designer Chris Habana, where three performers will be tethered together by a creation that references both equestrian and fetish gear.

(image courtesy of The Chimney)

Twilight Chorus
Opening Friday, May 31 at The Chimney, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. On view through July 14.

For this group exhibition, Bushwick gallery The Chimney teams up with Mexican art collective guadalajara90210 to present an array of works that in some way capture the feeling of the twilight—that is, the time before it gets dark, when both the sky and the soul are on the cusp of changing into something darker and more mysterious. And the “chorus” component of the title, of course, imbues everything with a certain musicality. Expect paintings that represent music or are made with makeup, ceramic lamps just unstable-seeming enough to catch your eye, and gourds transformed into sculptures that give off their own rhythm.