Enid’s brunch staff before their second to last Sunday before closing with owner Ashley James (top, fourth from left), 3/24/18 at 10a.

Greenpoint’s past and present collided last week as Enid’s shuttered after 20 years of early brunches and late-night parties. After the beloved bar and restaurant announced its closure two months ago, owner Ashley James told Bedford+Bowery that it had served its purpose and “now it’s time to move on.” We spent time at Enid’s during the long reunion that was its final week and met countless regulars and staff who drowned themselves in tears, sweat and scores of Harrison cocktails.

Staff and attendees at the conclusion Enid’s’ final dance party, 3/31/19 at 4a.

Enid’s second-to-last weekend was a good chance to see the place as it was before the emotional days to come. Locals at every end of the millennial range crowded its tables and talked loud enough to compete with the speaker system. Servers cleared plates as diners finished meals of chopped kale and steak alongside burgers and fried chicken sandwiches. When the lights dimmed, Enid’s turned into a nightclub that quickly filled with cool kids.

On Monday, longtime bartender Andrew held his final Goth Night, which he’s hosted for over a decade. Friend after friend came to the bar to say hi as regulars clad in black danced in the smoke-machined room to records spun by DJ Catsonic. In the midst of the mist, I spoke with partier Marian Schelly, who brought her friends for the occasion. “Enid’s was the one place you could go on a Saturday night that always felt like the perfect house party,” she said. “It’s been unchanged by time.”

DJ Catsonic during her set for Enid’s’ final Goth Night, 3/26/19 at 1a.

The last week at Enid’s climaxed on Saturday as DJ KDS, aka Kat Daddy Slim, and Jdirrt hosted their Ballers Eve party on a dance floor that was packed to capacity till 4am. While attendees grinded all over each other to dirty south hits, we talked to KDS atop the DJ perch overlooking the madness. “Enid’s was one of the few places that let us play southern hip-hop when no clubs in New York would have it,” he informed us. “Now that music is everywhere, but it wasn’t that way 10 years ago.”

DJs KDS and Jdirrt during their final Ballers Eve party at Enid’s, 3/31/19 at 2a.

Behind the music was a wild kitchen-turned-lounge where a roster of Enid’s all-stars were hugging it out. Former employee Chloe Harrison, who flew in from New Orleans to say goodbye, could barely contain her tears as she described the place’s influence on her life. “I literally don’t know who I would be without Enid’s. Part of my identity is in this place and it will always be important to me.”

Lauren Silberman, Chloe Harrison, and Autumn Costner (top right pic, 1st, 4th and 5th from left) partying in Enid’s’ kitchen during its final dance party, 3/31/19 at 2a.

As Harrison mourned, she put her head on the shoulder of server Autumn Costner, whose energy has made Enid’s that much happier of a restaurant. “My favorite part about Enid’s is everyone I’ve met,” she told me. “It’s a family that I’ll miss.” Costner gave me a commemorative Enid’s token that imitated the ones hanging off the restaurant’s unofficial logo, its camel installation. When I asked about the camel’s origin, Costner said that “former co-owner Kai [Anderson’s] mom took it from a Camel cigarette billboard back home in Kansas City. A duplicate of it hung in a former LGTB bar there named Arabian Nights, but this original will soon be reunited with Kai’s mom.”

The trademark camel installation during the final dance party at Endi’s, 3/31/19 at 3a.

Just a few hours later, after the huge piles of empty beer cans were cleared by barback Nathan Kirk, Enid’s reopened Sunday morning for its final brunch. Whole families sat amongst hungover youth in a scene that put the past 20 years of north Brooklyn’s “hipsterdom” into context. Local electrician Rob G., who was there with his wife and daughter, was nostalgic about his last meal at Enid’s because he had installed its wiring when it opened in 1999. Pointing across the street to Bar Matchless, which has sat vacant since closing last year, he told me, “I remember when this used to be the warehouse for the auto parts store where Matchless was.”

The families of Mike Stepanovich (left) and Rob G. (right) during their final brunches at Enid’s, 3/31/19 at 4p.

When Rob got up to leave, his table was cleared and his daughter’s high chair was returned to a pile near the rear bathrooms. During our last week at Enid’s, we heard more than a few jokes about oats being sewn back there and how the results of those nights made these high chairs a resulting necessity. We also found ourselves dodging this new generation as they ran around the room, climbed the furniture and enjoyed their innocence, just like their parents did.

Patrons during Enid’s’ second to last Friday, 3/22/19 at 9p.

Artists Russell Murphy and Bruce La Bounty (center) with friends during Enid’s’ second to last Friday, 3/22/19 at 9p.

Local artists partying during Enid’s’ second to last Saturday party, 3/24/19 at 3a.

The finale of Enid’s’ second to last Saturday dance party, 3/24/19 at 4a.

Local artists leaving Enid’s after its second to last Saturday dance party, 3/24/19 at 4a.

Bartender Andrew with friend Claire alongside fans of his Goth Night during its final edition at Enid’s, 3/26/19 at 12a.

Panorama of Enid’s capacity crowd during its final dance party, 3/31/19 at 1a.

Patrons during Enid’s’ final dance party, 3/31/19 at 1a.

Past and present Enid’s staff members during the final party, 3/31/19 at 4a.

Partiers at the conclusion of Enid’s’ final dance party, 3/31/19 at 4a.

Partiers alongside an entire table of beer cans, 3/31/19 at 3a.

Caitlin (top, right) with her bachelorette party, 3/31/19 at 3:30a.

Caitlin (right) during her bachelorette party, 3/31/19 at 3:30a.

Dustin Eggeling and his skateboard crew outside Enid’s’ final dance party, 3/31/19 at 2a.

Panorama of Enid’s bathrooms with DJ Catsonic and artist Jackson Lin (first and third from left).

The exterior of Enid’s on its final day, 3/31/19 at 4p.

The exterior of former Bar Matchless a year after its closing across from Enid’s, 3/24/18 at 9:30a.

Server Autumn Costner with artist Debbie Attias and their friends during Enid’s’ final brunch, 3/31/19 at 3p.

Enid’s owners Ashley James and Jamie Eldridge (left and right) during their restaurant’s final brunch, 3/31/19 at 3p.

Friends and former staff reuniting for Enid’s’ last day 3/31/19 at 5p.

Tom (center), Enid’s longtime security, arriving for the private staff goodbye party, 3/31/19 at 7p.

Brunchers leaving Enid’s on its final day, 3/31/19 at 6p.

Souvenir token made for Enid’s closing.

Enid’s’ goodbye announcement that hung in their front door.