(flyer courtesy of Tessa Skara)

The Favourites
Friday, April 12 at Club Cumming, 8 pm: FREE

Most people with an awareness of pop culture have at least heard of The Favourite, Yorgos Lanthimos’s recent feature film that facilitated, among other things, a frequent (and queer) call for actress Rachel Weisz to take control of them in every which way. With The Favourites, a new queer comedy show from Tessa Skara and Jes Tom, perhaps you’ll find a new object of affection to request bodily harm from. Described as “part safe space, part dyke party, part comics to watch showcase at a liberal arts college,” the kickoff show features Becca Blackwell, Kiko Soirée, Mila Myles, Spike Einbinder, Jess Salomon, and Eman El-Husseini—plus, of course, some obligatory Weisz fawning.


(image via Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret / Facebook)

Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret
Saturday, April 13 at Under St Mark’s Theater, 10:30 pm: $10

Usually, a large rat is seen as a warning. An inflatable rat standing outside a business or construction site denotes a union protest, while a huge living rat is simply a frightening sight to encounter on your walk home, particularly if you’ve seen The Princess Bride. But on St Marks, near Avenue A, you’ll find a more benevolent large rodent: the Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret, a long-running monthly showcase of music, comedy, dance, magic, and more. This time around, expect burlesque, comedy, opera, Brazilian guitar stylings, a sad magician, and hopefully no actual big rats.


Sunday Service
Sunday, April 14 at Knockdown Center, 7 pm: FREE 

“Sunday Service” sounds like the type of thing to wake up early and dress modestly for; an event where the closest thing to revelry involves a bland worship band or a thimbleful of wine. At Knockdown Center’s Sunday Service, the vibe is a bit different. The free evening of performance (and yes, there’s also a bar), curated by ray ferreira, features four multidisciplinary artists—movement-based artist Nicki Wong, writer and visual artist Aldrin Valdez, performance artist Lindsay “Lords” Reuter, and interdisciplinary artmaker KT Pe Bonito—creating work in response to a prompt involving bodies, cities, and states of being.