(image via Caveat / Facebook)

Internet Explorers
Thursday, April 18 at Caveat, 9 pm: $10 advance, $12 doors

If you don’t have your eye glued constantly to social media, you might’ve missed that Instagram’s meme-makers have started to non-ironically unionize. It’s undeniable memes are a bigger deal than ever, so it only makes sense there’ll be a live comedy show about them tonight at Caveat, as part of Mark Vigeant’s recurring Internet Explorers show. As tonight is all about memes, Vigilant will be hosting online comic artist Branson Reese and a trio of journalists who report on all things internet (The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz, who wrote the aforementioned meme article, plus Buzzfeed’s Katie Notoupoulos and The New York Times’s Amanda Hess). There’ll also be a game of “meme Shark Tank,” where a group of comedians will try to out-meme each other.


(image via Tessa Skara / Facebook)

High Notes
Friday, April 19 at Cloud City, 8 pm: $10 advance, $15 doors 

Saturday is 4/20, which you might already know if you have a calendar and/or brain. There are countless activities to do on such a day, one of which includes get too high to leave the house. If you’re someone inclined towards that last one, it may be wise to celebrate 4/20 a day early, just in case. And lo, you can do that exact thing at the latest edition of Tessa Skara’s monthly High Notes variety show, falling handily on 4/19. As per usual, you can expect a night of queer, high comedy and music, this time from Rebecca O’Neal, Ana Fabrega, Friends Who Folk, Nika Z, and Karolena Theresa.


(image via Stephanie Guedalia / Facebook)

Turd Wave Feminism
Saturday, April 20 at Empirical Nonsense, 3 pm: $15 suggested donation

There are plenty of overtly weed-themed things to do on 4/20; so many that you’d make your own sober head spin trying to remember them all. Rather than elbowing your way through crowded rooms of stoners wondering when their edible is going to hit or if that CBD cocktail is doing anything other than getting them regular drunk, perhaps it’s wise to spend your 4/20 doing something completely different. Stephanie Guedalia’s Turd Wave Feminist Furlesque is as interesting as its name sounds: a performance celebration of gross, strange, inappropriate, and otherwise off-kilter aspects of the human body, brought to you by comedians, clowns, burlesque performers, and performance artists of all stripes. Plus, there’s no rule against attending such an event a little more mentally elevated than usual.


(image via The Kitchen / Facebook)

The Johnsons Present She Who Saw Beautiful Things
April 19-22 at The Kitchen, 4/21 performance at 6 pm, others at 8 pm: $35 ($150 for 4/21 benefit performance) 

You may know AHNONI from her music, whether that be her recent solo releases or her work with Antony and the Johnsons. But before that, she was making plays and performance pieces in the 90’s as part of the experimental collectives The Johnsons and Blacklips Performance Cult. This weekend, as part of a corresponding multimedia exhibition, she will be presenting a new show, breathing new life into old performance work and combining it with new ideas alongside collaborators like Charles Atlas and Kembra Pfahler. It should be noted Sunday’s performance is a special benefit edition of the show, and while it features a roster of special guests including Laurie Anderson and AHNONI herself as well as post-show party, tickets are $150. Those with slimmer bank accounts should seek attendance at the other three performance nights.