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Monika Monika
Opening Monday, April 1 at Steuben Gallery, 5 pm to 8 pm. On view through April 5.

Monika Monika is both the name of a multimedia artist and an exhibition opening tonight at Pratt Institute’s Steuben Gallery. The self-titled display explores Monika Monika’s experiences as a sex worker, through lush paintings exposing snapshots of customers she’s gotten to know and sculptures combining imagery both kitschy and sensual. While sex workers are often the subject of non-sex-working people’s artistic endeavors, adding what some might see as an edgy appeal and others see as needless fetishization, this exhibition (designed to mimic the feel of a Times Square peep show) puts the sex worker’s perspective front and center, compelling viewers to see her world through her eyes.

(image via Cooler Gallery)

Opening Tuesday, April 2 at Cooler Gallery, 7 pm to 10 pm. On view through April 27.

The next artist to fill the repurposed industrial icebox of Brooklyn’s Cooler Gallery is Yuko Nishikawa, a designer and ceramic artist. Her installation, Spore, features a lively array of sculptures and vessels. Some resemble gourds, others cartoon animals or aliens. Unlike traditional vessels, meant to hold and contain, Nishikawa’s are full of holes. But rather than signifying a lack, these holes have lights beaming out of them, opening up the artist’s creations in an intriguing, hopeful way. In fact, the exhibition’s glowing sculptures are designed to react to visitors in the room, creating an interaction with the art that’s more of a conversation than a passive observation.

(image via Theodore:Art)

Opening Friday, April 5 at Theodore:Art, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through May 18.

Peter Krashes is a seasoned painter, having been exhibited worldwide and reviewed in notable publications, but he’s also a dedicated community organizer. Over the past decade-plus, Krashes has focused his activism mainly in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, and this work is also the inspiration for his solo exhibition Contact!, on view starting Friday at Bushwick space Theodore:Art. These paintings primarily depict “outdoor activities,” which opens up the opportunity to show a diverse snapshot of city life: street fairs, sports, and in-progress luxury real estate exist within the same vicinity.