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SHE Creates 2k19
Now through February 24 at New Ohio Theater, various times: $25 

The hills are alive with the sound of performances from female-identifying and genderqueer artists at She Creates, a festival presented by Make/Shift and Akin running through the end of the weekend at the New Ohio Theater. The festival centers around the premiere of The Clark Doll, a play by Liz Morgan about three black women figuring out how to escape a confining situation, but it offers much more than just plays, with night after night of drag, performance art, live music, visual art, and more.


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Friday, February 22 at Brooklyn Comedy Collective, 11 pm: $7

Most comedy consists of someone on a stage with a microphone talking to an audience. There usually aren’t props or anything like that. That will all change at Bounce, a multimedia comedy show that features a heck of a lot more than simple standup. Matt Albani, Marissa Goldman, Andrés Govea, and Brian Fiddyment will be taking the stage in this late-night endeavor, and they’ll be doing their darnedest to stretch the boundaries of what comedy can truly encompass. Expect video, audio, animation, 3D media, and whatever else their weird jokester brains can cook up.


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Eco Trippin: The Green New Deal
Saturday, February 23 at Caveat, 7 pm: $15 advance, $20 doors 

The Green New Deal, a radical bill led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez alongside activist groups like Sunrise Movement that aims to combat the far-reaching damages wrought by climate change, has been a hot news item lately. But not everyone is enthusiastic about reading articles, particularly dense ones stuffed with political know-how and talks of how the world is probably ending sooner than we think. Enter Killin H8, a hip-hop performance art duo consisting of Sir KN8 and Hilla the Killa, and their “bizarre, hyper-philosophical rap show” that uses comedy and music to instruct on modern ecology. They’re educating about the Green New Deal this week, and helping them along the way will be Andrés Bernal, a professor at Queens College and an advisor to AOC herself.


(poster by Noël Flynn, via Facebook)

Funny People, Serious Music
Sunday, February 24 at Pine Box Rock Shop, 9 pm: FREE 

Being a performer in a big city can sometimes feel limiting—when people know you’re good at doing one thing, it’s all they tend to expect from you. But what if you have other performance interests that are just sitting there in the corners of your brain, gathering dust and wishing to be unleashed? Musician and comedian Meg McDermott has provided a platform for artists to explore just that with Funny People, Serious Music, a show spotlighting comedians who also perform music. Whether they’re stand-ups who write songs on the side or comedy musicians that don’t want to exclusively sing in a joking way, the lineup (Sofia Dobrushin, Michael Poole, Gem and Eye, and Max Ash) will be bringing their most passionately solemn tunes to the Pine Box stage. Which is fitting, as it used to be a coffin factory.