(image via Jen Gapay / Facebook)

Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque Valentine’s Spectacular
Thursday, February 14 at Brooklyn Bowl, 7:30 pm: $25 

There are a staggering number of events of all stripes happening on Valentine’s Day, as show and party producers rush to appeal to the lovers, the lonely, and everyone in between. Some happenings are best enjoyed in a coupled sense, but others are fun for anyone. I wouldn’t say something called the Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque Valentine’s Spectacular is necessarily fun for the whole family, due to the large quantities of well, titties, but it’s an evening that can certainly be a good time for anyone regardless of relationship status. “Singing siren” Shelly Watson will welcome a stacked lineup that includes Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Darling Just Darlinda, and this year’s Miss Coney Island Pearls Daily, plus live rockabilly music.


(image via Kweendom / Facebook)

Friday, February 17 at Pete’s Candy Store, 7 pm: FREE 

Was your Valentine’s Day too straight? Wrench yourself from heteronormativity’s clutches at Kweendom, Bobby Hankinson’s queer storytelling comedy show, which is loudly, proudly, gay. This time around, Jeena Bloom, Kelli Dunham, Sean Barry Parsons, Philip Alvin Henry III, and Tarik Daniels will be bringing their queer comedic stylings to the stage. The show is free, but they’ll be accepting donations for Immigration Equality with a match for the first $50, so maybe skip one of those drinks you were planning on downing and throw your cash where it matters.


(image via Stigma Unbound / Facebook)

Stigma Unbound: Anti-Valentine’s
Saturday, February 16 at Wild Embeddings, 7 pm: $10-15 

If you’re still feeling the V-Day burn several days after the fact (emotionally or literally, I don’t judge), you still have time to steep yourself in anti-Valentine’s sentiment. One of the ways to do so is at this anti-Valentine’s show from Stigma Unbound, a performance and art collective focused on sex workers and allies. Here, you can find an array of bodies showcasing an array of art, from burlesque to drag to performance art to something a little stranger. This show not only celebrates sex workers—who are often stigmatized for their money-making methods and frequently obligated to perform not only sexuality but romance—but sluttiness in all its forms, so don’t be afraid to go all out.


Eden Zane (foreground); Goussy Célestin, Marija Kovacevic, Dawn Drake. (photo: Suzanne Opton)

City of No Illusions
Now through February 24 at La MaMa, 5 pm (most shows at 8 pm): $20-25 

Experimental theater company Talking Band has been around since 1974, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to check their work out yet, now is the time. Their latest creation is City of No Illusions, a music-laden theatrical piece by Paul Zimet and Ellen Maddow that’s particularly timely, as it revolves around two refugees seeking asylum. They find themselves at a funeral home owned by a pair of sisters, located near the border between the US and Canada. But they’re not the only ones around—soon enough, they’re greeted by a “mysterious group of musicians” who help illustrate that borders may not be as clear-cut as some may think.