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Drunk Education: Roasts of ‘Great’ Literary Men
Wednesday, January 16 at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, 7 pm: FREE

The books you read in school growing up (and maybe even now) were most likely written by (white) men, save for a few exceptions. There were plenty of opportunities to discuss this work, usually mandatory, but most of the time this involved parsing through the analytical layers of it all, marveling at what a multifaceted creation had come into existence at the hands of these men. Wednesday’s Drunk Education is a little different. Notable literary men will be the central topic, yes, but they’ll be roasted by three women writers (Rolling Stone’s Brittany Spanos, Observer’s Helen Holmes, and freelancer Becca Schuh) until nothing is left but some charred remains.


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Space Comedy Show
Thursday, January 17 at Mad Tropical, 8 pm: FREE

Though it’s a pretty ordinary word, all things considered, “space” does in fact contain multitudes. It could mean outer space, a room, a venue, something you want or dread a partner expressing desire for, the list goes on. In this case, it’s a queer comedy show hosted by Andrés Govea, Kendall Payne, and Walter Kelly. It’s also ostensibly a safe space, in the non-annoying/condescending meaning of the word, for LGBTQ performers of all stripes to take to the stage and maybe even defy gravity with their jokes. This month, the trio of hosts will welcome performers Charlie Bardey, Lorelei Ramirez, Jess Henderson, and Solange Azor.


(image via Zach Zimmerman / Facebook)

100 People in a Room
Friday, January 18 at Hub Seventeen, 8 pm: $1-20

As you might have heard, Lady Gaga has said, “There could be 100 people in a room, and 99 don’t believe in you, but I had this one incredible talent with me.” She’s talking about Bradley Cooper, and while I have trouble believing that many people in a room wouldn’t believe in such a successful performer, she was very intent on making sure everyone knew this. She said it a lot, and people noticed. One of those people was comedian Zach Zimmerman, who will be hosting a comedy variety show on Friday with one main goal: to get 100 people in a room. Exactly 100 tickets will be sold, with randomly generated prices ranging from $10 to $20. Once these people are gathered, there will be performances by the likes of comedians Tessa Skara and Alex Song, drag performer Ruby Fox, and more. But the most important part? The 100 people in a room. Well, and the fact that you get a free drink with your ticket.


(image via Emi Grate / Facebook)

A+, The Pan-Asian Drag Revue
Saturday, January 19 at Bedlam Bar, 8 pm: $10

Drag performer Emi Grate’s recurring showcase of Asian drag performers, A+, returns once more to Bedlam, bringing with it a diverse array of queer performers from across the Asian diaspora giving you shows, shows, shows. Kiko Soirée hosts, and the lineup includes Sina, the nicely-named Virginia Thicc, Queen Kirlia, Sex Wolf, and Emi Grate herself. And unlike the drag shows that don’t kick off until midnight or later, this show is at a modest 8pm, giving both those who typically go to bed early and people who want to attend three late-night parties after seeing a show a chance to get in on the fun.