(image via Exponential Festival / Facebook)

The Exponential Festival
Now through February 2 at various venues, various times: $20

The Exponential Festival is a little different from the many theater festivals setting up shop in venues across the city this month. It’s exclusively based in Brooklyn, the material it champions is a little weirder and genre-expansive than what you might typically think of as “theater,” and it runs longer, which means both more shows (a dizzying array, really) and more chances to see them. Some highlights include a new short play by Athena playwright Gracie Gardner, a double bill of comedy from Justin Linville and David Perez, a play based on the Talmud and Kung-Fu films, a dystopian psychosexual musical with a disco soundtrack, an intimate show involving one audience member and one performer, and A Doll’s House, Part 3.


(image via Stigma Unbound / Facebook)

Stigma Unbound: Denial of Service
Thursday, January 10 at Secret Brooklyn Dungeon, 8 pm: $20 

Tonight, this showcase of performance by sex workers and allies followed by a consent-focused, gender-inclusive play party, returns to its secret dungeon location for another evening of shows and shenanigans. This time, the theme is “denial of service,” for all you brats out there, with performances by Theydy Bedbug, C’était BonTemps, Nepenthes, Bitch, Bailey Stone, Lethal Kit, and Mistress Ashley Paige. Then the party commences, with live modeling and drawing and surely, something a little steamier.


(image via Brooklyn Comedy Collective / Facebook)

Edy and Brian’s Big Cup
Friday, January 11 at The Brick, 10:30 pm: $10

I’m not sure what exactly the big cup is that comedians Edy Modica and Brian Fiddyment have decided to center an entire show around, but you can assume that 1. it is big, and 2. it is a cup. What more do you want? They caution that you may be able to interact with it yourself, but it is very important you don’t knock it over. Now that we’ve established those ground rules, expect an hour of comedy, videos, and more, plus a reliable dose of absurd energy.


Bowery Comedy
Saturday, January 12 at Bowery Electric, 6 pm: FREE

The Bowery Electric is normally a place for bands, but come Saturday night it will be filled with jokes aplenty at this stand-up show hosted by Maria Wojciechowski, Lauren Vino, and Bronwyn Ariel Isaac. The comics taking to the stage this time around include Rebecca O’Neal, Katie Boyle, Amamah Sardar, Justin Hill, and Ethan Simmons-Patterson. Plus, it’s free and early in the evening (6 pm), so you’ll have plenty of time to do whatever it is you do on a Saturday night after the show concludes. Is disco laughs the new disco nap?