Joel Osteen (Jessie Pierrot) part 1, 2018
Single Channel Video

Holy Fools
Opening Wednesday, January 9 at Rubber Factory, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through February 3.

Clowns are perhaps one of the most polarizing figures on this green earth. Some people have a literal phobia of them, some find them distasteful, some chuckle at them, some employ them, some become them, and some make art about them. One of the art world’s more notable clown-based endeavors is Bruce Nauman’s 1987 piece Clown Torture, featuring a slew of video displays portraying “an absurd misadventure of a clown” that’s both morbid and humorous. Over three decades later, artist Ondine Viñao is putting her own spin on this work in an exhibition at Rubber Factory, recruiting four all-female clownish performers to stage their own mishaps, mixing both trauma and folly.

(image via Howl Happening)

Fugitive Moments
Opening Wednesday, January 9 at HOWL! Happening, 6 pm. On view through February 6.

For most people, Polaroids were just a way to capture a moment at a party, or a welcome alternative to proper film development for those who did not want to wait. Both the white border around a Polaroid and the film itself have always been sites of customization, but rarely is the act of instant film modification truly elevated into an art form. Artist Gail Thacker spent most of her time living and working in cheaper, grittier 1980s New York, when the AIDS epidemic was just beginning to rear its destructive head. Thacker photographed friends, collaborators, and acquaintances, and after an accident involving unrinsed film, she began more intentionally creating images awash with beautiful flaws, many of which will be on view at East Village space Howl Happening.

work by Alasdair Duncan (image via Theodore:Art / Facebook)

Opening Friday, January 11 at Theodore:Art, 6 pm to 9 pm. On view through February 10.

New York is a big city, and there’s always something to do. This is good for the most part, but can also be one big overwhelming dose of FOMO. The folks at Bogart Street gallery Theodore:Art know this, which is why they’ve organized a group exhibition showcasing five artists who have exhibited at their gallery over the past six years they’ve been operating in Bushwick: Bill Albertini, Eric Brown, Alasdair Duncan, Scooter LaForge, and Michelle Vaughan. So even though you’ve missed a lot over the years (who can see everything?), here’s your chance to catch up.

Mo Chieh/莫捷, Perfect Vegetables, 2018, Video, 15 mins. (image courtesy apexart)

Opening Friday, January 11 at apexart, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through March 9. 

No matter how you grew up or what you ate in the process, one thing probably remained the same: you were reminded that wasting food is bad, and you probably ended up still wasting food in one way or another. Over the years, this problem has only increased, as it’s estimated 40% of all food is wasted, and a large percent of that ends up sitting in landfills, creating methane. A new exhibition curated by Justin Tyler Tate seeks to showcase multiple creative ways of reusing organic material, asking four artists to turn “disused organic matter” into something with a new life. Rather than just an exhibition to be looked at, the show is rife with interactivity, including workshops and sustainable dinners.