Trump is still in office, and the patriarchy is not yet smashed, so for the third January in a row the streets of NYC filled with thousands of angry women and their equally angry male allies. And despite a fracturing of the Women’s March movement into three separate events on Saturday, the rally and march on the Upper West Side and Midtown drew an impressive crowd, with protesters thick on the broad avenues into the afternoon.

As seems likely to be the case for many years to come, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was greeted like a rock star when she showed up at the beginning of the day, and gave a brief but rousing speech promising that she will continue to push for real change. “Last year we brought the power to the polls,” she said, “and this year we need to make sure that we translate that power into policies.”

The women Samba drummers of Fogo Azul turned out in force, leading the march from Columbus Circle across 59th Street and down Sixth Avenue to Bryant Park. There were clever signs, pissed-off chants, lots of circa-2017 pussy hats, and plenty of politically-energized teenagers and young women who are coming of age in era of Trump. The NYPD set up barricades everywhere but stood on the sidelines for most of the day.