This weekend pop star Ariana Grande released a track thanking all of her exes for the impact they’ve left on her, ultimately saying she’s better off alone, which, true.
The lyrics “One taught me love / One taught me patience / One taught me pain” struck a chord with everyone in the world, including those special people that inhabit Twitter. The memes started popping up almost immediately, highlighting fast food chains and boy band members who have taught love, patience and pain.
Lucky for us, there are some goodies about our beloved city.

Broadway shows aren’t always entertainment

Yes, Dear Evan Hansen emotionally wrecked every single person on the island of Manhattan, even if they have never heard of the musical or of Ben Platt, but the true pain came from the Heathers musical — we’re not sure if it was more emotional or physical.

The New York evolution of space

Are these photos from NYC? Unsure. But the dorm is basically the size of the mid-20s apartment room shown, so we’re aggregating. There’s nothing more painful than bringing someone home back to a room big enough for only children under 5 ft.

Pizza by the price

Sometimes you only have a dollar to spare on meat, bread and cheese, which is $2 less than a hot dog costs at a street cart, so 2 Bros. 99 cent pizza saves your life. Pain is gain.


RIP to the L, we will miss being packed like sardines for the year and a half you’re gone.
OK fine, one more MTA diss

Peace of mind solely depends on the method of transportation you take.
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