(image via SUP Comedy / Facebook)

The ‘SUP Show
Thursday, November 8 at Caveat, 9 pm: $8 advance, $10 doors

Once again, this recurring comedic showcase of women, queer, and gender non-conforming performers comes to Caveat to give you the best bits n’ jokes found at their open mic of the same name, which recently moved to The Footlight Bar in Ridgewood. The whole affair is hosted by Juliet Prather, Maddie Fischer, Fareeha Khan, Jesse Roth, and Stephanie Pace, which I always find to be an impressive amount of hosts. The lineup for this particular shindig is TBD, but the fact that you’re going in not knowing the lineup, but still knowing it’s going to be free of racist white dudes complaining about how everyone is offended makes me feel a lot more confident recommending it.


(image via Abrons Arts Center / Facebook)

Revision Suite
November 8 + 9 at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, 8 pm: $20

Did you know that churches used to have sections called “slave galleries,” where black churchgoers were made to go to worship, keeping them at a safe distance from the white people? Well, they did, and St. Augustine’s in the Lower East Side has kept theirs intact as a way of reckoning with its history rather than covering it up. This Thursday and Friday, the 185 year-old church will be playing host to a series of performances from dancers, electronic musicians, multimedia artists, and other creators directly referencing the slave galleries and the artists’s personal relationship with the architecture, racism, religion, and more.


(image via Eris Evolution / Facebook)

We Are Legion: The Best Revenge
Saturday, November 10 at Eris Evolution, 7 pm: $20+

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but in the case of this burlesque show at Eris Evolution on Saturday, it’s best served hot. The performers that host (and venue co-founder) Galatea Stone has gathered for this show have been through a lot—they’ve all suffered some form of abuse—but they’re strong survivors, and they’ll also look good taking their clothes off onstage. Though this show features abuse survivors, the acts on display are less about their traumas, and more about the fact that they prevailed, so don’t expect a downer of a night. Plus, all the money made at the door and through raffles will be donated to the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault.


(image via Ground Floor Comedy / Facebook)

Desks: A Reading Series
Sunday, November 11 at The Corners, 8 pm: FREE

If you haven’t yet come to see Desks, a reading series spearheaded by the writers at Ground Floor Comedy where words of all sorts are spoken aloud at a Bed-Stuy bar, this Sunday will be your last chance to do so. Yes, doing shows all the time can get tiring, and hosts are people too, sometimes they need a break. Sunday’s show features readings by Carly Dashiell and Brendan Basham, and “micro-readings” by a slew of folks, including Bijan Stephen, Carrie Wittmer, Harris Mayersohn, Kelly Cooper, and Robyn Kanner. The show is free, but the bar is cash only, so bring those bills, bb.