(flyer via Em’s Damn Good Rogering / Facebook)

Halloweird Comedy Hour
Friday, October 26 at Pete’s Candy Store, 7 pm: $8

Before you get properly spooked at whatever party you go to tonight, pregame with some laughter in a candy store that doesn’t actually sell candy (as far as I know; they might be hiding something from me), but it’s still fitting to have a show in a candy-related venue near Halloween. It’s probably the closest thing you’ll get to trick-or-treating nowadays. Emma Rogers hosts this Halloween-themed comedy show, where costumes are certainly encouraged. There’ll be a live jazz trio and jokes by Catherine Cohen, Harris Mayersohn, Cristian Uriostegui, Justin Linville, and Stephanie Pace, and once the show’s over, there will be a “Satanic ritual cursing Brett Kavanaugh,” for all of you who missed last weekend’s hex session at Catland.


(flyer via Dal Eris / Facebook)

Drag N’ Trap
Saturday, October 27 at Trans-Pecos, 10 pm: $5 in costume, $10 without

There is allegedly going to be a Nor’easter on Saturday, but that presumably won’t stop dedicated Halloween partiers. Maybe it’ll result in modifying your slutty doctor costume to be like, a doctor who works outside on a cold mountain, but I trust that you’ll adapt accordingly. You can truly show off your costume while also enjoying a show at Ridgewood space Trans-Pecos, where DJ sets and drag performances will collide in a beautiful (and morbid) evening. There will be a costume contest, and you will be expected to partake.


(image via Witness Immersive Theater / Facebook)

Found Footage
Now through October 31 at Governors Island House 403, 1 pm through 5 or 6 pm: FREE

Sure, Governors Island is a bit of a trek to see a scary show, but you’ll probably appreciate the leisurely boat ride and the greenery after partying for two nights straight in close quarters with a bunch of sweaty costumed folks. Once you get there, within one of their old houses you’ll find Found Footage, an immersive installation experience inspired by low-fi, VHS “is it real or not”-style found footage horror films a la The Blair Witch Project. Only instead of watching a movie from the comfort of your own living room, you’ll be exploring an actual multi-floor house filled with spooky surprises. The experience revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a TV crew who were filming—of course—a paranormal investigation show.