(image via Vic Sin / Facebook)

The Sinner’s Kit Kat Cabaret
Thursday, October 18 at Bizarre Bushwick, 10 pm: $10 suggested donation

If you think that most drag, burlesque, and variety shows aren’t going to be spooky-themed for pretty much the entire month of October, you’d best think again. You’d be hard-pressed to find an evening that doesn’t involve some sort of witches, blood, ghouls, or at the very least, goth attire. Vic Sin’s monthly Sinner’s Kit Kat Cabaret makes no exception; its “spoopy show” promises to be everything you’d expect from a Halloween show and simultaneously nothing you’d expect, with performances from Sugar Mamasota, Shanita Bump, Madame Vivien V, Seedy Edie, Jack Barrow, Larissa McCoy, Pieretta Viktori, and burlesque duo The Schlep Sisters.


(image via New York Theater Workshop / Facebook)

What the Constitution Means To Me
Now through November 4 at New York Theater Workshop, 8 pm (some shows at 2 pm or 7 pm): $90 ($25 day-of rush tickets available to people 25 and under, seniors, artists, and residents of the East Village and Lower East Side; students 25 and under can purchase one $25 ticket online with code “STUDENT”)

Citing the Constitution is something done by traditionalists and progressives alike, whether they’re proclaiming the old ways are best, interpreting age-old words in new ways, or just suggesting the whole thing be thrown out because it was written by old white dudes who owned slaves and it makes no sense their word should remain law if we want to build a better world. Playwright and actor Heidi Schreck has a unique relationship with this founding document; she funded her college education by giving speeches about it, and now she’s written a play about this experience, which she also performs in. The result is a poignant investigation into both her past and the Constitution itself, particularly its “profound impact on women’s bodies.” Several performances are already sold out, so act quick.


(image via Cookie Tongue / Facebook)

Witching Hour: An October Art Party
Saturday, October 20 at City Reliquary, 7 pm: $10

It is finally getting colder, to the extent that I did a lot of shivering while waiting for the bus this morning, even while wearing a fairly sturdy leather jacket. But it’s not so frigid that going outside is unreasonable; with the right cozy layers it could even be some degree of pleasant. So don a scarf or two and head to the backyard of offbeat museum City Reliquary, where an witchy “art party” helmed by creative freak-folk group Cookie Tongue will be unfolding, featuring puppetry, music, tarot readings, dance, and even a “transspecies drag striptease performance ritual.”


(image via Rebecca Weiser / Facebook)

Backyard Show
Sunday, October 21 at Pine Box Rock Shop, 9 pm: FREE

The Bushwick bar Pine Box Rock Shop doesn’t have a backyard, but it does have a backyard show. How can this be? Well, the latter is a comedic variety show hosted by Leanne Velednitsky and Rebecca Weiser, and you can find it not in the great outdoors, but in the cozy back room of this bar that was once a coffin factory. The theme for this month’s show centers around characters, which is fitting both for Halloween and the fact that you could make an argument that we are all playing characters in this story called life……….. So, why spend an evening seeing people playing people other than themselves. Maybe it’ll give you an idea for that costume you still need to plan.