(Photo: Rodrigo Lizarraga/@shotbyrod)

If there was a circus made for adults, what would it look like?

Half-naked people flying through the air while those in the audience sat in a “splash zone,” of course.

At least, that’s what it’d look like at Brooklyn’s House of Yes.

The East Williamsburg venue, known to host themed parties like Glitter Unicorn Sparkle Spectacular, is doing what it does best on Wednesday nights: hosting a variety show made for shock and awe. It’s not your family-friendly circus endeavor of years past. In fact, the Dirty Circus basically takes all of your childhood memories, whips them, and adds some lingerie, hoops or heels.

According to HoY owner Kae Burke, the circus includes an absurdist puppet show (sorry, Elmo), a sexy sideshow (think Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn) and erotic performance art (oil pastels and smocks not included). Instead of elephants and lions, there’ll be aerial apparatuses and performance artists, which are arguably just as bold and dangerous to the audience as a carnivorous predator and a 10,000 lb. mammoth.

The show is split into three acts, each filled with three or four performers. Attendees can expect the unexpected, Burke said: “It’s wild and raw.”

The theme? “Chaos,” she said.

What does a chaos-themed sensual circus act cost? Either $25 or $35 (plus fees) depending on what kind of seats you get.

The best seat in the house?

Well, it’s not really a seat. It’s a bathtub. With water. At a nightclub. A raffle will get you and some friends there. There’s no telling on what will happen after.

For those who remain on dry land, Burke said the giant parachutes, dinosaur costumes, projection mapping and confetti cannons will still be “a clusterfuck cacophony of the best entertainment the city has to offer.”

After the circus, there’s a dance party called Funk You. Drinks and snacks will be available at the venue, but no promises on if there will be peanuts and popcorn.

Aside from the absurdity of it all, the circus evolved from a studio apartment and two people – Burke and HoY co-owner Anya Sapozhnikova, who does curation and helps creative performers with their acts, wanted to come up with something that represented their backgrounds in performance art. So, a studio circus class became a House of Yes, and a tented show became a sexy circus.

The space holds about 160 people, so if you’re not into clowns and very into cacophonies (and are older than 21), get your ticket for the 7 p.m. show here.