(photo: Rachel Nicholson, via Facebook)

Now through September 16 at JACK, 8 pm (some shows at 3 pm and 7 pm): $18-25

You can probably divide people into three categories regarding competitive athletics they engaged with growing up: more mainstream sports-doers who partook in football, basketball, and the like; people who vehemently did no sports at all; and those drawn to more niche offerings, like martial arts or fencing. The latter grouping is the star of Gracie Gardner’s play Athena, which is being revived for a brief run following a sharply successful debut at Clinton Hill space JACK in February. Presented by The Hearth, which “tells the stories of women,” the play surrounds two teenage girl fencers training for the Junior Olympics. Though such a task undoubtedly requires the duo to spend quite a lot of time around each other, “friends” they do not seem to be. While this situation seems stressful to go through personally, it surely will be interesting to spectate upon.


(image via Magical Girl Burlesque / Facebook)

Scott Pilgrim VS Burlesque
Friday, September 7 at Bizarre Bushwick, 8 pm: $10 suggested donation

Whether you read the graphic novel series or watched the 2010 movie starring Michael Cera, you’ve probably had some sort of brush with Scott Pilgrim VS The World. This Friday, you can get a whole new perspective on the story, and probably rekindle that old crush you had on Ramona Flowers that led you to pursue women with colorful hair for a while. Yes, it’s a Scott Pilgrim-themed burlesque show, produced by Magical Girl Burlesque and Rabbit Hole Productions. Deemed a “no-holds-barred tribute to a franchise about the ultimate Canadian soft boy,” each performer in the show will take on a different role, putting their own clothes-shedding spin on these characters. Clothes will fly, evil exes will return.


(photo courtesy of Mary Kate Winebrenner)

Queer EyeRL
Saturday, September 8 at The Brick, 9:30 pm: $10

Personally, I have not watched the Netflix version of Queer Eye, nor have I watched the original version. I have heard it both praised and criticized, but at the end of the day I am merely just bad at getting around to watching television shows. I am pretty good at going to live comedy shows, however, and if you’re like me, this may be a good way to experience the essence of Queer Eye but in a way that’s uh, different from what your screen might be showing you. The self-proclaimed “Fag 5” (comedians Larry Owens, Bowen Yang, Matt Rogers, Zach Zimmerman, and Pat Regan) will be taking over The Brooklyn Comedy Collective’s residency at The Brick on Saturday night to give one audience member a revamp of their life as they know it. Best of all, there’s still time to nominate your friends.


(image via Bushwig / Facebook)

September 8-9 at Knockdown Center, 1 pm: $35+

It’s safe to say that drag is more popular than it has ever been. On any given night, in almost any given borough, you can find some sort of drag show going on, if not three or four. And of course, there’s Drag Race. Whether you’re a fan or a critic, you cannot deny the major impact it’s had on the general public’s awareness of the lip synch-filled art form. This weekend, drag festival Bushwig will make a triumphant return to the hallowed halls of the Knockdown Center, bringing over 160 (!) performers to the massive Maspeth venue for a jam-packed two days of shows, music, parties, pop-up shops, and more. Expect some familiar faces from Drag Race as well as a slew of up-and-coming local performers who are still toiling away for drink tickets and dollar bills. And if you’re worried the trek to the venue will leave your heels-clad feet in pain before the show has even started, fret not, as they’ll be running free shuttles to and from the Jefferson L train.