(image via La Mama)

Inside Out Here
Opening Thursday, September 27 at La Mama Galleria. On view through October 20.

La Mama, the historic East Village theater space primarily known for presenting a range of experimental performance, also maintains a gallery space on Great Jones Street. Thursday, it will open Inside Out Here, an exhibition by multidisciplinary artists Devin N. Morris and Frederick Weston. Morris was born in 1986 and Weston in 1946, 40 years prior; uniting these two to create work around queerness, blackness, and how these communities have made space for themselves throughout history has made for a show that quite literally stretches across generations.

(image via Satellite Art Show / Facebook)

Satellite Art Show Presents: ART HOLE
Opening Friday, September 28 at 701 Grand Street, 5 pm to 1 am. On view through September 29.

I must admit, I didn’t actually know Bushwick Open Studios was returning this weekend. But it is, and as per usual there will be a bevy of art to see and free beer to drink and parties to attend and whatnot. One of the more unique offerings comes courtesy of the Satellite Art Show, a transient show that attracted buzz following their 2017 stint at Miami Art Week, which involved filling an abandoned hotel with eye-catching items like thousands of pounds of sand, haircuts, and a glitter-soaked bathtub. For BOS, they are sticking to their pop-up ways with a “temporary transitional gallery” in a vacant dollar store on Grand Street. There, expect to find a cornucopia of offbeat art and performance (curated in part by Brian Whiteley, of Trump tombstone fame); highlights include “vomit porn,” “cake sitting,” “karaoke strip tease,” and a PBR sponsorship. I can’t tell if that last one is a bit or genuine or both.

Andy Cahill, For heaven’s sake, can’t you do anything right?, 2014
acrylic and crayon on linen (image via Selenas Mountain)

Easy Lover
Opening Saturday, September 29 at Selenas Mountain, 7 pm to 10 pm. On view through November 3.

Once separate artist-run apartment galleries, Selena and MOUNTAIN (onetime home of a beach towel exhibition) have joined forces to become one space in Ridgewood, the aptly-named Selenas Mountain. Easy Lover will be the first show in the new gallery (run by real-life lovers Olivia Swider and Michael Fleming), which takes its name from the song by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind, and Fire. While a press release mentions Easy Lover was also the first WrestleMania’s theme song, this is not a group exhibition all about pay-per-view wrestling. Rather, Easy Lover’s eight artists draw and/or draw from a wide range of culture, from BDSM to cartoons to yes, sports.