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Profiled: A Comedy Show About Racial Profiling
Wednesday, September 12 at Caveat, 9 pm: $8 advance, $10 doors 

Though Nanette seemed to imply otherwise, making jokes about experiences one has had with hate and bigotry can actually be a productive outlet for one to deal with these experiences and for (hopefully) allowing audiences to see these issues from a new perspective. Profiled, a comedy show hosted by Lauren Clark and Marcela Onyango where performers of color (Ziwe Fumudoh, Milly Tamarez, Rebecca O’Neal, Andrea Coleman, and Ariel Evans) discuss instances of racial profiling they’ve experienced, seeks to do just that. Plus, 40% of ticket proceeds will go to the ACLU.


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September 13-30 at La MaMa, 7 pm (Sundays at 3 pm): $10-25

Anyone who has ever tried to consistently do any form of art knows it is hard to make money doing it. It’s equally hard to get funding so projects can exist in the first place. It wasn’t always this way—the National Endowment for the Arts was once more robust, and there was even a New Deal-era funding program called the Federal Theater Project. THE AЯTS, a new docudrama from the company Sponsored By Nobody, seeks to shine a light on the world of American public arts funding, then and now. Using Congressional hearings from the 60’s, live video, choreography, and more, the show seeks to inform, entertain, and likely depress—no matter how you frame it, funding just isn’t how it used to be. Also, vote in the primary on Thursday! Find your polling place here.


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The Mx. Nobody Pageant: Grand Finale
Friday, September 14 at Brooklyn Bazaar, 7:30 pm: FREE

If you haven’t been following the Mx. Nobody Pageant, an inclusive live drag competition, that’s ok. Come Friday, you can still catch what will presumably be the most exciting night yet, as all the winners from previous rounds will face off for a glitter-filled grand finale. Joining the finalists (God Complex, Theydy Bedbug, Kiko Soiree, Pinwheel Pinwheel) will be two “wild card” entries: Shanita Bump, and Le Petit DumDum. So, it’s anyone’s guess who will walk away with the $500 grand prize. Well, technically it’s the judges’s, but you get it.


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Her-icane: All-Female Stand Up Comedy For Disaster Relief
Saturday, September 15 at Mad Tropical, 8 pm: $10 suggested donation

It may seem like it’s been a while since Hurricane Maria’s devastation. While it has been about a year now, Puerto Rico is still feeling the storm’s effects: it took until early July for nearly all the power to be restored to the island, and news broke yesterday that Donald Trump took $10 million from FEMA to fund ICE’s immigration detention centers. So, it’s safe to say matters are still far from ideal. It also gives you even more of a reason to attend this month’s Her-icane, an all-female comedy show hosted by Jenny Gorelick and Kate Villa that raises money for disaster relief in Puerto Rico. This time, they’re in a new location (Bushwick’s Mad Tropical, former home of Tandem Bar), and the lineup includes Eudora Peterson, Taylor Garron, SallyAnn Hall, Juliet Prather, and Maggie Widdoes.