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Red Emma and the Mad Monk
Now through September 1 at The Tank, 8 pm: $20-30

Nowadays, when one thinks about theater (particularly any form of commercial theater, Broadway or otherwise), radical politics aren’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Or the second or third for that matter. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see this serve as the cornerstone of Red Emma and the Mad Monk, a new play with music by Alexis Roblan presented as part of The Tank’s Ladyfest. It centers around a 12 year-old girl who has a mystic Russian imaginary friend and enjoys fighting online with “deplorables,” an unsettling pastime for someone so young, but it probably happens more than we’d like to think. In the midst of this, she learns about the influential anarchist activist Emma Goldman, and starts to consider the world a bit differently.


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We’re All Gonna Die
Thursday, August 30 at Vital Joint, 8 pm: FREE

While comedian Lorelei Ramirez hosts a show called Not Dead Yet over at the venue C’mon Everybody, this comedic showcase by Will Tilghman and Claire Parker isn’t quite as focused on the life that currently inhabits us all. Rather, they would like to give us a hearty reminder that we will all leave this earthly plane eventually. Some sooner rather than later, but let’s not dwell on that for too long. Instead, laugh at some jokes by Ryan Beck, Anya Volz, CW Headley, Mamoudou N’Diaye, Randall Otis, Chelsea Taylor, and Ashton Womack.


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Friday, August 31 at House of Yes, 7 pm doors, 8 pm show: $60+

Involving oneself in foreplay in a public setting sure isn’t for everyone, but let us clarify: this Foreplay is a show. Mostly you’ll just be watching (no, not like that—well, kind of like that) so any bashful folk can stop worrying about being judged. Over the course of 90 minutes, you’ll see all sorts of live art that errs on the sexier side. Some of it will have an interactive element, some you may have to crane your neck to see (House of Yes loves aerial performance), and some will even involve food. And of course, you don’t want to be left hanging with mere foreplay, as fulfilling as it has the potential to be. After the show, stick around for the always-steamy House of Love party, featuring music from playsuit, NSR, and Whitney Fierce. Interesting outfits are a must; the wardrobe prompt this time is “red hot,” which should be simple enough to follow.


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The Ellen Show But Violent
Saturday, September 1 at The Brick, 9:30 pm: $10

We all know Ellen DeGeneres. She has a daytime talk show, she likes dancing on camera, and she made history for being the first out lesbian woman to play an out lesbian character on a major network television show. But there may actually be a secret side to this jovial blonde comedian, at least if you ask Rachel Kaly. Their evening of performance, The Ellen Show But Violent, posits there’s something sinister lurking within Ellen, even though Kaly has uh, never actually watched an episode. You can’t expect to believe someone who spends that much time on daytime television to be completely and utterly stable, right? Joining Kaly are special guests Ikechukwu Ufomadu, Daniel Maseda, Bianca Perez, and Eliza Cossio.