(image via Sanina Leilani / Facebook)

Glow Up!: An All POC Variety Show
Thursday, August 16 at Starr Bar, 8:45 pm: $10 advance, $15 doors

Queer drag performers Noctua and C’ètait BonTemps host this variety show featuring exclusively artists of color. If you’ve been posting on social media about how bad white supremacy in America is lately, attending would be a good way to put your money where your mouth is and support a show where the lineup, hosts, and producers are all people of color. And what can you expect out of the night? The lineup isn’t too packed with people, but the ones they do have really pack a punch: burlesque performer Miss Sugar Mamasota, soulful singer Cherry, drag and music artist Laé D. Boi, and Texas-based pole and burlesque performer Black Orchid.


Quick! Pretend I’m Asleep!
August 16-31 at Joe’s Pub, various times: $20

How does one describe the work of Cole Escola? One could say it’s comedic, weird, queer, often video-based, and involves various characters, but those generic descriptors almost do him a disservice. Just trust me when I say it’s much better and far stranger than whatever you’re imagining “comedian who does weird characters and videos” would be. He also frequently dabbles in wigs, if you happen to be into that. Currently, the entire run of his latest live show creation at Joe’s Pub is sold out, but the theater tends to have a cancellation list on the day of the show starting when the box office opens at 2 pm.


(photo: Allison Stock, poster design: Jenny Ryaboy)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
August 16-19 at Access Theater, 8 pm: $20-45

Oh, Shakespeare. On one hand, it’s one of the most popular forms of theater out there, and on the other hand, it’s not for everyone. Personally, I am never really jumping out of my seat to go catch a Shakespeare play, unless it seems particularly wacky or out-there. I have nothing against the Bard or anything, he’s just not my total fave. However, this production of the classic, fantastical Shakespearean comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream does in fact both catch my eye and make me reach for the nearest poncho. Produced by Shakespeare in the Square, this Midsummer is all about the messiness of being alive. Not in a metaphorical sense; the show is essentially one big food fight, featuring mashed potatoes, pasta, and some colorful goo of unknown origin. Sitting in the front at a play is usually sought-after, but maybe for this one it’ll be preferable to a be a few rows back, especially if you’re wearing white.


(image via Rara Darling / Facebook)

Keepeasy Sundays
Sunday, August 19 at The Keep, 9 pm: $10 suggested donation

For some, Sunday is a day of rest. For others, it’s a a chance to squeeze in one more day of debauchery before the Monday drudgery hits you like a bag of rocks. If you fall more into the latter camp, Keepeasy Sundays at Ridgewood bar The Keep is the place for you. Part burlesque show with games, part live music spectacular, part open mic night, this weekly affair seems to have something for everyone. Providing hosting duties for the night, as per usual, are burlesque performers Rara Darling and Midnight Moon, with a special guest for tonight in the form of performer Lucy Buttons. Whether you’re there to take in a show or put one on yourself, you’ll find a way to be entertained.