Image: Raul Valverde in collaboration with Muntadas, ‘Calendar for Travelling Artists’, 2018, 8 × 51/2 in. (20.32 × 13.97 cm). Courtesy of the artist. (via ISCP / Facebook)

Never Take a Vacation with an Artist Who Collects the Same Stuff You Do
Opening Tuesday, August 14 at International Studio + Curatorial Program, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through October 12.

The title of this new group show from ISCP conjures some immediate images: two artists, lounging on the beach. Their peaceful time is cut short due to the fact that they both really want to collect the same type of shells, but there are only a couple of those, so they start fighting over them. Dare I say, all shell breaks loose? I forget if you can even take shells from beaches, but still. The actual content of this show, which features nine artists from ISCP’s Ground Floor Program, appears to be more interesting (or soothing) than my strange musings about beaches. With a goal of “lull[ing] the viewer into a state of relaxation,” the show offers vacation-centric content like thoughts on summer road trips and an interactive piece that quite literally gives the gallery’s front desk staff a break from working. It’s summer, after all.

Opening Wednesday, August 15 at Con Artist Collective, 7 pm to 11 pm. On view through August 17.

It’s fairly well known that you do not touch the art in a gallery or museum. It is precious cargo, and besides, you could break it, you’re clumsy. But what if that art piece looks like a chair or table? The temptation to engage with it surely grows even more vast within you. Joining the ranks of form-meets-function art (seen previously this year in furniture designer Sam Stewart’s Cryptid, an installation that took over a townhouse adjacent to Meatpacking gallery Fort Gansevoort and furnished it as if a mysterious creature was living in it) is Funktional, a group show from the always-up-to-something folks at Con Artist Collective. The concept is simple: show pieces that are both artistic and quite literally functional. The exhibition description also includes a quote about “good design” by someone named Michael Graves, who I should clarify is not related to me.

Beverly Barber (image via Gallery 104)

Gallery 104 Group Show
Opening Thursday, August 16 at Gallery 104, 6 pm to 9 pm. On view through August 31.

Many group art shows are united under some grand conceptual idea, or at least some theme or sorts. But sometimes, you just want to see some art made by various artists without wondering what the commonality between all of them is. That’s fine, too, art is a multifaceted medium and all that. So, if you’re looking to peruse some paintings and other such creations while sipping wine and mingling, stroll on over to Tribeca’s Gallery 104 on Thursday, where they’ll be opening their latest group show, which features ten contemporary artists. Expect work like Beverly Barber’s dreamy nudes, Rae Broyles’s soft landscapes, and Humberto Schiavon’s colorful creations that are both messily abstract and precisely geometric.