(image via Andrew Hardigg / Facebook)

Gorilla Manners / Atlas / Coffee Cup Conundrum
Wednesday, May 2 at Dixon Place, 7:30 pm: $15 advance, $18 doors

Tonight, you can get not one, not two, but three shows in the same night. The first is Gorilla Manners, a play by Andrew Hardigg directed by Jordan J. Baum, which includes a character called Vaseline and a gorilla who does not like being stared at for too long (hence the “manners” portion of the title, I suppose). The second is Atlas, a show by The Red Lines that explores how communication can be distorted by the artifice that we create. The third, Coffee Cup Conundrum, not only works well as a tongue twister or vocal warm-up, but will likely also remind us about the massive amount of plastic we throw away and how we’re only going to be able to ignore it for so much longer. So, there’s something for everyone!


(image via Drunk Education / Facebook)

Drunk Education: Hero Complex
Thursday, May 3 at Caveat, 9 pm: $12

Whether you’ve seen Infinity War or not, you probably have some sort of thoughts about superheroes, even if it’s just the fact that you think it’s cool how Wonder Woman’s creator was a polyamorous psychologist inspired by utopian feminism and BDSM. Some people with choice thoughts on superheroism of all sorts (specifically Karen Chee, Israel Daramola, Dan Kibblesmith, and Ales Kot) will be gathering on Caveat’s Lower East Side stage to tell you all about it, with the help of some Powerpoint presentations with wacky graphics, of course. This is the last Drunk Education show before they take a summer break (it’s not just schools who get that), so if you’ve been meaning to attend, now is the time. There’s also another show, focused on true crime, happening the night before, if you’re into that.


(image via The Kitchen)

The Kitchen Follies
May 3-5 and 10-12 at The Kitchen, 8 pm: $25

Performance art variety shows, as it turns out, are more commonplace than you’d think nowadays, especially if you’re looking around the more offbeat bars and spaces of north Brooklyn. However, none of these backroom bar shows are helmed by seminal video artist and filmmaker Charles Atlas. You’ll have to go to The Kitchen in Manhattan to find that. There, you’ll be treated to a bevy of notable artists, such as Dancenoise, The Illustrious Blacks, Johanna Constantine, host Tyler Ashley, and more. The Kitchen Follies is presented in conjunction with the past is here, the futures are coming, an exhibition of video installations by Atlas. Appropriately, performances of The Kitchen Follies will be filmed by Atlas, who will be showing and manipulating the footage in real time, creating an evening that’s even more multifaceted than you may have expected.


(image courtesy of D. Arthur)

HPV: Her Point of View Network
Saturday, May 5 at The Brick, 11 pm: $5

Even without knowing anything about this sketch show, the title alone is able to capture one’s interest. One might even call it contagious…………folks, I will be here all week. However, HPV, directed by Amanda Xeller and produced by D. Arthur and Heather Harrison, is not about the thing a bunch of people got vaccinated for as a teen but a “flailing feminist TV network” that is just trying to make it work. Try as they might, things can get tricky when combining the often-noble pursuits of feminism with the inherently capitalist pursuit of trying to make a successful network TV show. If that somehow sounds too cerebral for you, remember that this is still a comedy show.