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What’s Your Damage?
Wednesday, April 18 at Wonders Of Nature, 8 pm: $5

A show called What’s Your Damage taking place at a space called Wonders Of Nature sort of feels like it could be a metaphor or political statement talking about the ways we have irreparably damaged the natural world, because at this point it would be hard to deny we haven’t. However, that’s not what this show is about. Quite simply, hosts Sachi Ezura and Halle Kiefer will ask performers what exactly their damage is, which is just a snappier way of asking them to reveal past embarrassments and drama that have shaped them into “the weird, wonderful people they are today.” This time around, Carmen Christopher, Aaron Jackson, Marcia Belsky, and Joyelle Nicole are the ones to tell all.


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In Bad Taste
Thursday, April 19 at Vital Joint, 8:30 pm: $5

Comedy that’s done in bad taste sounds, well, bad, but I would venture to say that’s not always true. Yes, there’s comedy associated with the likes of cis white dudes who yell at you for being the PC police if you criticize their inconsiderate jokes, but then there’s comedy that could be lovingly referred to as dumb, absurd, or trashy. I can only assume this show hosted by Ayo Edebiri, Nicole Boyce, and Ben Marshall falls into the second category. While there won’t be any improv (“we have limits,” they say), there will be ruminations on anything that might be considered “the trash of the earth,” such as Smash Mouth and coconut Lacroix. So, come one, come all, and see Friends Who Folk, Sydney Washington, Sam Taggart, and others serve up some lowbrow lusciousness.


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Friday, April 20 at Caveat, 8:30 pm: $8

Friday is 4/20. This show is about boring topics. When trying to find a show to list for 4/20, I figured that when you are indulging in what the teens might call the devil’s lettuce it’s common to find boring topics way more interesting or funny than you would otherwise. So, it seemed like a perfect fit. Monotony, billed as “a smart comedy show about stupid stuff,” and the comedians and storytellers booked on it get a chance to tell the audience all about something they’re obsessed with that maybe no one else understands. Hosted by Jeopardy! runner-up Raj Sivaraman, Friday’s show features Shalewa Sharpe, Mary Houlihan, Benari Poulten, Courtney Fearrington, Joyelle Nicole, and Jeff Simmermon.


(flyer via Emi Grate / Facebook)

Saturday, April 21 at The Manhattan Monster Bar, 7:30 pm: $10

Recently-crowned Mr(s) BK Emi Grate’s pan-Asian drag revue A+ has been happening for quite some time now, and has welcomed an array of diverse queer performers from the Asian disapora to its stage. While it used to happen in Bushwick, it has now ventured up to classic West Village bar The Monster, so all you people who somehow can still afford to live around there now don’t have to travel very far to get a dose of drag. If you do live in Bushwick, I guess it’s good the showtime is earlier now so you can get there before the M gets all weird. The performers gracing the lineup this time are Dyanasty, Juicy Liu, Pearl Harbor, and Sina, alongside host Kiko Soirée and DJ Ten Yards Clothing.