Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day of course, so we hope you had a lovely time surrounded by close friends and family and I guess pummeling each other? But even if you didn’t celebrate the non-holiday, hundreds of others had a blast “swinging the downy” in more than 20 cities around the world (Rotterdam, Atlanta, Hong Kong, etc.) and right here in NYC’s historic Washington Square Park.

The epic battle was organized by the game-loving collective Newmindspace, hosted by the holistic-minded group The Regenerates (interests include “oneiric architecture, spiritual ecology, radical cocreativility”), and sponsored by the Noho outpost of Mattress Firm, which donated all proceeds from pillow sales ($5 each, for those who didn’t BYOP) to their Foster Kids program. It good-naturedly raged for two hours on Saturday afternoon, the decent turnout enhanced, no doubt, by the pleasant, almost spring-like weather.

There were plenty of little kids and families in the mix, and lots of teenagers and (presumably) NYU students in the thick of things, plus tourists who stumbled upon the event, bought some pillows, and gleefully waded into the fray. The high point of the day–it actually happened several times, as new waves of combatants arrived in the park–was when the pillows would pop, sending feathers flying.